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Addfwyn: Best of 2010

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  • What else can be said, but that this is the most anticipated game for years, and it delivers on every count. No other game has consumed me to the point that I spend half the time I'm not playing the game watching replays. No other game has actually had me flying to other countries to participate in tournaments. Easily game of the year, I feel there's not even room for debate on this.

  • A game that many people will forget came out this year, which is a shame cause it was a gripping narrative tale that shows how different games can be. This is the game that Quantic wanted to make with Fahrenheit, and it shows. Tense, gripping, and character-driven, this game is just an intense thrill ride from start to finish. The interactive quality actually made it more gripping to me than a movie, with me having to actually put down the controller and give serious moral thought to decisions I was making in the game.

  • A refined portable version of one of the greatest JRPGs in ages, this game just adds so much more content with the inclusion of the female-play style too (which changes a lot about the game). The only complaints are that some of the cutscenes are clipped out and the extra FES content is not included.

  • Love it or hate it, you can't deny the influence that WoW has had on the realm of MMOs, and this expansion is truly the cream of the crop for WoW expansions. It's almost a whole new game, with content at every level of play changed, not just the highest end. By far one of the biggest releases of the year.

  • This one will be a bit controversial, but I absolutely loved it, though I almost forgot it came out this year. One of the most gorgeous games I have ever seen, with an amazingly fun and streamlined gameplay system. Really gives me hope in JRPGs again, as it was just such a fun and streamlined experience.

  • So amazingly good, I think this is going to be missed on a lot of lists because of the portable nature, but it's just a really well put together sequel to one of the best SRPGs in a while. This game does a very admirable job of continuing that legacy.

  • Not much to say here, if you like God of War, this is more of that. Beautiful visuals and absolutely amazing setpieces, from the way the game starts you know it's going to be an intense ride. This is what all those other action games want to be, but don't quite succeed at.

  • A streamlined experience for the Civ series that keeps the core addictive gameplay without some of the nebulous gameplay from Civ4. The hardcore civ players may miss these complications, but the average player will find it more refined. The problems with diplomacy are really the only thing holding back this otherwise fantastic entry into the series.

  • I think the inclusion of this, as well as two other portable RPGs, really just shows that all good RPGs these days are portable games. More of an action RPG of course, but still the continuation to a really good RPG series that started as a cute little disney/square crossover but eventually matured to it's own interesting story and game.

  • Take the great gameplay and narrative of Assassin's Creed 2, and then add even more things for the compulsive-obsessive gamers out there. A great game, and worth checking out for fans of the series. A surprisingly well fleshed-out multiplayer is just icing on the cake.