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A Masterpiece in What Roguelites Are and Still Can Be 0

Reviewer’s Note: This was reviewed on the Mac version of the game, primarily using keyboard/mouse. It is also available on Windows and Nintendo Switch. Hades is Supergiant Games’s take on a Roguelite, and features all the trappings one might expect with that label: a challenging run-based game that features some degree of permanent progression aimed at making your runs more manageable as time goes on. It hits all aspects of that formula, but it also does a few things that are totall...

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An Unneeded Sequel - But a Welcome One 0

In my opinion, TLOU was a perfect game that never needed a sequel, it is without a doubt one of my favourite games ever made. Consequently I was very skeptical of TLOU2, but for the most part was proved wrong. It is a stunningly gorgeous game that touches on some of the darkest parts of the human condition.The Last of Us 2 largely follows the story of Ellie, Joel’s companion from the first game, as she comes to grips with her new life and events that occurred in the first game. There stil...

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A realization of what Rez always wanted to be 0

The core game is very little changed in Infinite, and that's okay.Rez Infinite is, at its surface, a VR port of Rez with a small bit of added content, which sounds somewhat boring at first glance, but is really a fulfillment of what Rez should always have been. Rez was always a game about immersing yourself in the experience of the sound and music and environments, and VR is just another step towards realizing that full immersion. The initial offerings of the game are the same five areas that t...

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A Rewarding Series Departure 0

Final Fantasy XV is the latest entry in the extremely long running Final Fantasy franchise, and a game that many fans of the franchise have been waiting for for years. In fact, the game was originally announced over ten years ago as Final Fantasy Versus XIII. The game has developed and changed a lot since then, and has spun off into its entirely own entry in the storied franchise. Every adventure starts from humble beginningsThe game is presented from the beginning as being a game that is for bo...

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A fun Earthbound style RPG that suffers from pacing and grinding 0

Citizens of Earth is a game that has been described as Earthbound meets Pokemon, which is by no means an inaccurate comparison. You play the newly elected Vice President of Earth, attempting to save the Earth from a variety of bizarre occurrences plaguing the land. Immediately after being woken up by your mother in classic RPG style, you set about assembling your team of Citizens to battle for you.As the Vice President, you do not engage directly in combat, instead enlisting a variety of Citi...

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A brilliant and addictive arcade shooter 0

Resogun may very likely be the first game that most owners of a PS4 play, it comes for free with PS Plus, a service that most everyone who will be doing significant gaming on their console will probably pick up. It's an arcade shooter, very much in the vein of Super Stardust HD from the PS3 launch. The fact that the same development team worked on Resogun is very apparent, and that is by no means a bad thing.The core gameplay of Resogun has you flying your ship on a 2D plane circular plane mappe...

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A beautiful setting makes for a game hampered only by its gameplay and the hype surrounding it. 0

Bioshock Infinite, true to the series roots, features a well-realized dystopia that offers substantial social commentary to the world around it. The strongest point of the Bioshock series has always been the setting and world they create, and Bioshock Infinite is no exception to this. Columbus is a well realized world that takes the nationalistic hero-worship of the American founding fathers to a religious fervor, showing the flawed end result of an overly nationalistic ideology. The way that p...

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A Flawed Beauty 0

Bloodrayne is not typically a series name that evokes a sense of quality, but the new art direction and game design of the most recent entry, Bloodrayne Betrayal, has breathed some life into this undead action series. Unfortunately, while the game presents some fantastic concepts that the series should draw from in the future, there are some basic design flaws that make the game an absolute frustrating mess at times.The impression you get from the beginning of the game is fantastic, as the art d...

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Weird doesn't begin to describe it 2

Resonance of Fate is an interesting game, to say the least.  It boasts a mature and dark art style with a thoroughly Japanese style of humour and a punishing level of difficulty.  In addition to all that, this game has a learning cliff more than a learning curve.    This will appeal to a very specific type of gamer, one that may not necessarily be aware of from a basic look at the game.  The game, at first glance, seems to be something of a gritty blend of western-style gunplay and JRPGs norms. ...

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Hard but satisfying for a specific niche of gamer 4

Demon's Soul is a new offering developed by From Software, often compared to the King's Field series developed by the same company.  It's a pretty open-ended fantasy action RPG known for a punishing sense of difficulty that will turn off most of the casual gamer crowd.  This is probably an unfortunate turn of events, as one of the greatest features of Demon's Souls is how it integrates online content into the single player game.  In the end, Demon's Souls is going to be remembered for the diffic...

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