Land of silver fruit.

I'm commuting to a University out of town this summer and I forgot how trendy these damn hipster-breeding campus' are.  I thought I appreciated Apple products but I'm a troglodyte compared the the legion of skinny-jeaned effete Macboys and girls touting their Macbooks like holy relics or badges of geeky honour.  I'm so very glad I went with a VAIO for my newest laptop, lest I be mistaken as one of them and invited to a Dave Matthews concert.


Okay I Trolled, I'm Sorry

I'll admit I was fanning the fanboy flames by exacerbating the anti-Mac vitriol that followed my last post.  I promise I won't pull a Sony and replace style with substance like failing to support the PS3's launch with decent games or removing backwards compatibility.


I want my organs to be replaced with Apple gadgets

Does Steve Jobs need my organs? Because I'm ready to give them to him in exchange for free Apple toys. iLiver sends messages to my laptop warning me about high alcohol consumption. iHeart syncs with iMind through Bluetooth to keep my pulse in check.  My new iGut would come with lower storage capacity but I could update it with each generation.
Do you hear that Apple? I'm willing to give you my organs, least you could do is send me and iPad.


Quest Addiction

So is this how it feels to be a fantasy character addicted to helping NPC's and solving puzzles?  Because Giant Bomb's Quests are like CRACK COCAINE. I got hooked with the Famous Friends set but have been stumped by the RPGs. I have to go call in sick to work so I can troll forum posts for hints all day.


Dragon Age Withdrawal

I was the guy who emailed in to the Bombcast asking why I wasn't 'getting' Dragon Age.  Later that day the venom struck home and now I can't stop thinking about that damn game.  At first I found it too...usual...but by the fall of Ostagar I finally recognized it's tone. I love my Dalish Elf.


Far Cry 2: The anti-work

Totally wanted to blow of work today but I can't due to my inexplicable addiction to Cabella's hunting games. So far Fry Cry 2 has me hooked, the environment and aura of desperation is an amazing backdrop for pretty solid gameplay.  At EB last night when I picked up my pre-order copy the new kid recognized my weak soul for what it is and tried to sell me my next hit, a Little Big Planet strategy guide.  Mind you I don't own Little Big Planet since I don't play or own a PS3, but I give the little crack-dealer in training props for tenacity.

I just have to piss away 8 hours till I can run around Albion in Master Chief armour and shoot impovershed Africans for money.  That'll be fun to explain to my boss why I want to leave early.


Why did I just buy so many games?

"How much for Cabella's Dangerous Hunts?" I ask the EB clerk.

"Didn't you just buy Fable 2 and Farcry 2? Don't even bother, come back in a week" he responds.

So I bought some games today.  "Some" would imply a handful, I guess "a metric assload" would be closer to the truth.  In my defense only Fable 2 and Farcry 2 were the big titles.  The other padding games I purchased averaged $0.99 which betrays them as the impulse purchases they were. "99 cents for Brute Force?  How can I go wrong?"

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