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Steam Sales

A friend of mine recently started using steam thanks to getting portal, so I've been helping them learn some of the tricks with using it, the biggest one being never to buy something at full price on steam ever.  There is always a sale that will make it cheaper, it's just a matter of how long you're willing to wait. 
And dang it's been sort of proving it for me the last few days.  They just started up a halloween sale, plus something going on for the world series, and last I checked there are 40 or so games that are on sale right now.  And as I made sure to point out to my friend, this isn't even the biggest sort of sale they do. 
Going back over the games I got, there aren't many games I own that I paid more then 10 bucks for.  No wonder PC gaming is practically dead in stores like gamestop.  How exactly would they expect to compete with HEY GET A GAME FOR 2 BUCKS, A MONTH OR SO AFTER IT'S COME OUT! 
Already got my friend planning on getting Orange Box, and gifting the extra games one it inevitably goes on sale around christmas. 
The moral of the story is, if Valve ever releases a console, our wallets are screwed.