A Week of Gaming 24-3-12

Final Fantasy V

I've managed to get pretty far into it now. I'm still enjoying it, but my main problem with it is that it's not obvious where to go at certain points. I realise that it was a common issue for older games, though. You were to expected to find things out yourself with very little hand-holding. I'll be honest; I've had to look up what to do next at several parts already (just to momentarily put myself back on track). If I didn't have the 'net to help, I don't think I'd have kept with it for this long.

On the battle side of things, I'm still finding boss encounters a bit too easy. I'm still assuming it's because of all the levelling I've done as a result of trying to learn job abilities (which are pretty useful and even important for some battles), but it seems a bit odd. Most of them have only took one try to defeat (including one I completely destroyed in one attack). Some have took more, but even they were easy once I figured out how to tackle them.

I'll briefly explain the story so far. Only look at it if you don't plan to play FFV at any point.

The main story revolves around the world's magical crystals being in danger. The main characters are thrown into a quest to save them. As I said last week, the bit where that happens kind of reminded me of Captain Planet (the elements of each crystal represented different things in the dialogue). The main characters are Bartz (a wanderer), Reina (the Princess of Tycoon Kingdom), Faris (a pirate captain) and Galuf (an old man with amnesia).

After being tasked with saving the crystals, they go to each crystal one by one. Along the way, they get all kinds of transport. So far, they've had a dragon, chobobo (regular and black, the latter of which is able to fly), boat (two different ones) and an airship. I find the constant switching of transport a bit too much, but it's also cool to see what they'll get next.

A lot is revealed about the characters, too. Bartz is the son of a man whose duty it was to protect the crystals, Faris is actually Reina's long-lost older sister and Galuf is from another world. The people of Galuf's world are trying to stop an evil mage called X-Death from returning. Sure enough, all the crystals end up being destroyed and X-Death is free to wreak havoc. Galuf decides to return to his world (along with his granddaughter, Krile) to save it. The other eventually join them after some science from Cid and Mid (a Grandfather-Grandson duo of scientists). That's pretty much where I am at the moment.

Other stuff

I forgot to mention last week that I tried out the SSX demo. While it didn't sway me to suddenly like games of that genre, I enjoyed the race segment of the demo. I could get behind that. Wasn't a big fan of the sky-diving bit, though. I've never been into the whole 'doing tricks on a board' thing, which is why I don't like the Tony Hawk games either. That said, it seems like a nice package to those are who are interested. I liked the soundtrack a lot.

I'm already thinking about what to tackle after FFV. I'm thinking about Shadow Hearts at the moment. I wasn't far off from completing that. I'd have to start from the beginning (I originally played it on the PS2), but that's probably just as well. I liked the way battles worked in that game and I seem to remember it having a good storyline. Yeah, I'll probably end up playing that...