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Games completed in 2015

You all know the deal by now, I'm sure. :P

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  • Completed: 3rd of January, 2015

    Really enjoyed it. Can't wait to see what the next game has in store.

  • Completed: 11th of January, 2015

    Not quite as good as the first series, but still a good ride.

  • Completed: 15th of January, 2015

    Enjoyed it about as much as the other Arkham games. Really nice boss fights (save for one).

  • Completed: 17th of January, 2015

    Just as good as I remember the original being. Perhaps a bit dated gameplay-wise in parts, but it still looks great.

  • Completed: 21st of January, 2015

    Awesome game. If you're a fan of the series, check it out. Feels just like an episode of it. Not much of a challenge, mind.

  • Completed: 23rd of January, 2015

    Main story isn't very long (completed it within pretty much a day), but I enjoyed it. The powers are well-imagined and a lot of fun.

  • Completed: 25th of January, 2015

    Sets things up nicely for Halo 5. The new enemies were interesting, as well as their weaponry.

  • Completed: 30th of January, 2015

    Like the first game, I really enjoyed it. Lot of new stuff to shake things up, too.

  • Completed: 6th of February, 2015

    Very short, but entertaining while it lasted. Good way to kill an hour and a half.

  • Completed: 2nd of March, 2015

    Completed in the same day. Short, but very enjoyable shooter. Scaled down quite a bit from the original. Not really a bad thing, though.

  • Completed: 4th of March, 2015

    Entertaining game with clever little puzzles. Reminds me of an old Nickelodeon cartoon, in some ways.

  • Completed: 6th of March, 2015

    I thought it was alright. Nothing too special, but not as bad as some reviews are suggesting. Interesting ideas.

  • Completed: 15th of March, 2015

    Definitely worth playing. Penultimate boss was a pain in the neck, but I enjoyed the game on the whole.

  • Completed: 8th of May, 2015

    Quite a long gap since the last game I played, but I'm glad I went with this. Just what I've come to expect from a Resident Evil game. I hope they don't stop making them anytime soon.

  • Completed: 19th of May, 2015

    Pretty fun. Nothing special, but a lot of satisfying action.

  • Completed: 22nd of May, 2015

    Not terrible, but doesn't hold a candle to some of the previous games in the series.

  • Completed: 14th of September, 2015

    Another enjoyable Shadowrun experience. Ending wasn't anything special, though.

    ...also, has it really been that long since I finished a game?!

  • Completed: 29th of September, 2015

    Great survival horror experience right up until the end. Definitely playing the other games in the series.

  • Completed: 22nd of October, 2015

    Thoroughly enjoyed it. Highly recommended.

  • Completed: 22nd of October, 2015

    Thought the ending was a bit flat, but I enjoyed it overall. Definitely worth the wait.