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Games Completed in 2021

Same as always.

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  • Completed: 17th of January, 2021

    I get the feeling this game will always be overshadowed by the various issues throughout development and its release (rightfully, in some cases), but I really enjoyed the game itself. Even if it wasn't the game I expected in some regards, it was still worth the wait. I can really appreciate it for what it is. I just hope there's more to come.

  • Completed: 4th of February, 2021

    Nice story-focussed game. I loved the setting, and the characters were all interesting in their own way.

  • Completed: 12th of February, 2021

    As good as the previous two games, despite some gripes here and there.

  • Completed: 7th of April, 2021

    Interesting game with a lot of good things going for it. Worth checking out.

  • Completed: 27th of April, 2021

    Not quite up to par with Life is Strange for me, but still a worthwhile experience. Some really nice details here and there.

  • Completed: 5th of May, 2021

    More action-focussed compared to the first two, but enjoyable nonetheless.

  • Completed: 10th of May, 2021

    Another great entry in the series. Carried over the new style from RE7, but it also had some similarities to older games (particularly RE4). Very curious to see where the series goes next.

  • Completed: 12th of September, 2021 (Yep, it's been a while since my last game...)

    Managed to get a good ending. Another nice entry in the series. I felt they handled a lot of stuff very well.

  • Completed: 16th of November, 2021

    Thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a nice change of direction for the series, but still with all the twists and turns you'd expect.