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Top 10 games I played in 2014

The time has come for another GOTY list. Like last year, I didn't play a heck of a lot from this year's releases, so I've created a list made up from games I've played in 2014. If I'm being honest, this probably won't change in 2015.

Sorry for the brief descriptions, but words fail me at the moment. Should still give you a good idea of why I enjoyed them, though.

List items

  • I had a lot of fun with it. It was a really fresh entry in the series. Don't usually care for pirate fiction, but this was one of the exceptions. Plenty to do and the game world was very immersive.

  • Not a huge LOTR fan, but I enjoyed it all the same. Very satisfying combat and plenty of side missions. Easily the surprise game of the year. Hope to see more of the Nemesis System in the future.

    Technically my 2014 GOTY, but it hardly seems fair, as I only played 2-3 games from this year.

  • Yet another game that took me by surprise. I'm not a huge lover of hack-and-slash games, but I managed to get to grips with the combat of DmC easily enough. Really enjoyed the story, too. Ninja Theory seem to know what they're doing when it comes to action games.

  • It takes a special kind of visual novel to keep me interested...and Danganronpa didn't disappoint. Definitely up there with 999. Highly recommended if you have a Vita.

  • This was my Fire Emblem game. If they keep making them like this, it'll be the first of many. Really enjoyed the combat and I tried my best to make sure no one died...but it didn't always go to plan... XD

  • The only Final Fantasy game I played this year. While it's not my favourite entry in the series, it's still a good game in its own right. As always, the music is nothing of amazing and the story was full of great moments. Loved the comedy moments involving Steiner.

  • A worthy title in the Dead Rising series. People complained about it being too serious, but you don't need to play much of it to realise nothing has changed. Just as fun and crazy as the games before it.

  • Before I played IV, this was my favourite entry in the AC series. It took all the good stuff from AC2 and improved on it. I liked Ezio's storyline on the whole, but I enjoyed Brotherhood the most.

  • At times, it really felt as though I was in an episode of a sci-fi TV series. Think it captured that very well. I also played 3 this year, but I think 2 did a better job of pacing and overall storytelling.

  • Even if it is rough around the edges, I had a good time with it. Plenty of options to choose. Pity there'll never be another game in the series.