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Plants vs Zombies Review 0

Plants vs. Zombies reintroduces the tower defense genre by incorporating a hordes of zombies against the defense of plants. However does it succeed in its attempt to make a niche genre accessible for everyone? The massive horde of the undead looks to be the dominant theme as of late in video games but none of them are as hilarious as the ones in Plants vs. Zombies. The prominent mode of the game is undoubtedly the Adventure, or the story. However the addition of Puzzle, Minigame, Survival, and ...

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New approach, familiar roots 0

When you first think of Final Fantasy, you expect an immersed and deep roleplaying experience that is created by its fun gameplay and stellar graphics and presentation. This time around, the creators of FF12 take a different approach to the gameplay and storyline which results in an interesting position. The story, is unlike the previous counterpart FFX, it involves a more darkening plot and mood as a princess, Ashe, strives to take revenge upon the empire that wronged her. In a more political ...

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