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Dark Soulin my enemies >:3

So its going to be a while since I will be able to play Dark Souls due to a accute case of Skyrimitis (downloading at the moment ..... :D) , I decided to take this chance to relay my favorite PVP stories from my part:

Well I decied to kill Gwendolyn , so as you know you get to dark Anor Londo and hence you become hunted by a lot of players from the darkmoon covenant ( I think so) , since my first playthrough was throught the way of the white covenant I hardly had PVP encounters , so I wanted to quench my blade with other players souls. By this time I was right outside Dark Sun Gwendolyn bonfire but I was hesitant to go inside to beat the boss , as I was at the bonfire adjusting my magic I get kicked out of the menu due to an invasion. A smart player would´ve dashed to the boss fog , but as I said I wanted more PVP so I didn´t. As you know the central bridge was lowered , my adversary activated it .... so I told myself: " Fine let him come to me ... I got some Wrath of the god for him right here" , a minute passed and the bridge didnt move , so yeah the invader had no idea of were I was , heck I´ll go to him then. So I activate the bridge to lower it again , the bridge begins to move , but to my surprise the " you defeated " box appears .... :D I made him fall without knowing it , but I dont know if it was really my doing or he just killed himself. If the former then what a way to defeat an invader eh?

So after this victory I just went to fight more invaders , I was feeling good. Many fight latter I devised that my fights should be held on the rails inside were the painted world access is. It proved dangerous to me , but also gave me a better fighting chance against my opponents. But as you know under this circumstances you can get invaded (just like in the forest) by 2 people. So after some fights a couple invaded me , the cat and mouse game began and I lured them to the railings .... I casted my miracles and was on a great position , one of my oponents was using the stone knight shield , he was a warrior , and behind him was the spellcaster. In a rare instance of amazing team effort , the knight was blocking all my miracles and attacks while the spellcaster shot me with magic. I don´t know why , but even if I lost that battle that team effort was so cool to see , and I vow to the cunning of those 2 warriors.

My last story and my favorite just happened last night ... I was on my NG++ so after the Northern Asylum I went to the catacombs , I was clearing the place and exploring. As I reached the first bridge that you can turn (and already did by this time) I get invaded , I think to myself .... oh boy this maybe the time I can put my theory to the test .... what theory? Read on duders. I stayed were the switch was , tried to conceal my body as best as possible , then I see my enemy dashing through the stage ... he reaches the bridge and begins to cross it but he stops .... as he pauses I can imagine his thoughts "Wait a second .... the skelletons are still here ... even the fire shooting dude ... where the hell is him?" As he ponder this questions I TURN THE SWITCH .... the bridge begins to turn exposing the dark soul to the depths , he fells and I just imagine his face of "oh crap!!!!" as he plunders in to the floor and dies. Oh it was so beautifull my fellow droogiess!!!! Hollywood couldn´t have planned it better.

There you go, these are my highlights on this PVP business in Dark Souls .... so my fellow dark soulers .... what stories of defeat , victories and what not do you have to share? And yes Dark Souls is an effin amazing game!!!!!


Unplayed games update .08

Hello dudes:
Well waddya know , Im stocked to play the Dragon Age 2 demo , after finishing for the first time DA: Awakenings , really liked it and to my surprise I ended playing it for 20 hours 0_0 game time , that is like a full game, but I need to replay it with my dead warden (something about how you must import the game saves ... it is quite a mess , but a good reason to replay anyway). The story is nice although the characters are not quite as good as the folks in DA:O , but still they get the job done. Also downloaded Hard Corps Rising and it is a love letter to those who like Contra , and heck it was made by Arc systems so you know you will get your cool anime fix too ^_^ , the game plays like Contra except you can run and do all kinds of crazy stuff , like bullet reflection , double jump and my god .... dash , making the game a lot faster . 
The game gets very hard (hard like old school games) but you will have a good time with it , well I did. And depends with who you finish the game you get a small animation of the character at the credits , so there is a reason to replay the game with another character (also while loading the levels , the small story write up changes according to who player #1 is using). 
Also while downloading Killzone 3 single player demo , I finally finished the light levels of Super Meat Boy , boy did I felt good when doing so , but there are still more levels to play after the end and also I still need to finish up the dark worlds (I am stuck at hell , yes it is hellishly difficult) , but at the moment I am done for now. Got rid of many of the games that I was supposed to play .... didnt liked them as much (Eternal Sonata , Golden Sun , Far cry 2) so I used them  to pay in advance my copy of Killzone 3 , so less games to finish. Also tried to start Valkyrie Profile 2 and to my sadness it doesnt play like the original VP :(  leave it to the japanese to upgrade something to 3D and make utter shit out of it. Gonna try again , but I not looking forward to it. 
OH yeah before I forget I finished writing my script YAY!!! Sent a copy to my brother and my sister in law (boy that girl is smart) so they will tell me how it fares , and before you ask my brother has been always very critical when it comes to creative stuff , just as I am and being brothers have nothing to do with it , so I trust his critique to be fair and unbiased. Need to look for more volunteers tho. Also finishing up any unfinished chores as come Tuesday Im off to kill helgan/ISA scum ,  so I will not exist outside my bedroom.


Attack of the unplayed games update .07

Hello duders:
Finally!!!!!! T_T I finished Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne and the ending was ..... was ... lackluster :( all that effort for a very crappy ending , oh well I enjoyed the game around 70% of the time , problem is and I finally discovered what it was , the god damn dungeons , not the art style (which I loved) but the damned tendency of Megami games to have the "oh you took a wrong turn.... so I transport you back to another room , repeat the same path just dont take the wrong turn" syndrome , add that a high encounter rate and tedium sets in really fast. There nothing I hate more but punishment for exploring , and after a while you just want to end the effin dungeon so your overall enjoyment is diminished. Although I know there are more endings and such , I wont be playing this game again in a loooooooooong time.
So whats next? Well since Dragon Age 2 release is lurking nearby I will play Awakenings and after that have another playthrough of DA:O with an elven mage (which I already have started some time ago :P ). 
Well have a good week fellow bombers
Me -_-U


Attack of unplayed games update .06

Hello there dudes/ dudettes :
 So I havent played as much because I kinda found a job sort of .... really but not really :P , needless to say I've been busy  writing my film script , yep Im writing since I dont  like doing so it is  either the script or blogs (and we all know what is more important) , in case you wonder it is the forth version of the script and no it is not done yet. But I have indeed playing some videogames well rather 1 of them and it wasn't Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne , rather Metroid Prime 2 , the only one I haven't finished until 10 minutes ago , 96% with all creature scans :D . I love Metroid Prime they are the best in the whole of Metroid in my books. Also after playing the Killzone 3 beta I felt the need to replay Killzone 2 , so I did that and heck even got some of them trophies  (like beating Radec in less than 20 minutes) , so I am ready for KZ3. 
It is clear to me that my enjoyment of JRPGs is now almost non existent , including the Shin Megami games .... guess I am burnt out , by this I don't mean they are bad games is just that well , they just make things to feel like work  , not gaming , every random encounter is like "grrr enough dude cant you just end , be done with". Perhaps it is just a phase  , I hope , I still have a ton of them jap games to finish -_-U  , oh well I will try Shin Megami Nocturne again , Im far and all but  , damn dude is Nocturne D: 


Attack of the unplayed games update .05

So I havent updated for a while and truthfully just now I finished one of the games , the one was Mad World , I really liked this one and surprisingly the story is somewhat good and decent (in quality I mean :P) , also this game is a delight to play , it may get repetitive but heck it is a brawler game so that expected. Also I got a little side tracked because during the month I had a desire to replay Red Faction (the PS2 game) , it hasnt aged that well frankly and the AI is atrocious and cheap , in comparison to Half Life 1 , the game has huge design flaws , you dont have as much fun with it as in Half LIfe 1 and while speaking of it I replayed that one too  ( the PS2 version ) and it still is as fun and cool as hell :D , shows the quality on Valve's game design. 
Also I already have started Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne , Im at the 40 hour mark level 60 more or less , but I dont play it all the time really , I just play it while I listen to whiskey's media podcasts , helps with the level grinding. Also being playing some of dragon age's DLC that I missed , Leliana's Song and the Witch hunt , but this one I will play it after I finish awakening.
So thats it for now and back to finishing those games yo


Attack of the unplayed games update .04

Ok finished No More Heroes .... and Im kinda of pissed off , I know the game is supposed to be super crazy and hilarious , but to skip all the story of the Last boss (well before you can select the real ending) in a fastfoward manner , I was dissappointed because I always a sucker for girls' stories specially tragic ones.... really my stomach aches of how angry I got at that lame ass excuse for "laughs" , and also I m pissed that I want to now play No More Heroes 2 , as if I didnt have too many games to play :'(  ... aside from that I really liked the game and it was a good rest from so many RPGs , somehow I still dont want to tackle Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne , but I dont want to finish all the fast games that I have to play because there are a lot of RPGS to go ... oh brother , so the options are these : either Nocturne , Soul Nomad or Eternal Sonata so fellow Giant Bombers which one is next???


Attack of the unplayed games update .03

Hello there dudes:
Well finished the first game of the second set , Lost Odyssey , didnt take as much as I expected , which was ok for me. The game is good , but it still has many of the JRPG stuff that is no longer very appealing , but it has one of the best substories I seen , Seth and her son Sed .... Seth is young but immortal but Sed is old and is her son , long story short it is very interesting , the bad part of the game (aside the gameplay which is your standard JRPG) was the ending , kinda lackluster and the things you want to know more of they are never shown ie the "Other side" of the mirrors , exactly what was the mission of Kairn and the other immortals so on etc. a shame really :'( , needless to say if you want a more traditional JRPG for your Xbox 360 give this game a spin , it has some gameplay quirks which are interesting some nice visuals and art direction , one more thing tho , I dont like the models of either Ming nor Sarah , boy those chicks carry huge boobs , so big that they dont look good , also Ming has one hedious hair style so is her costume as horrible , Sarah well one word ughh. If  they were more like Seth  , she is good looking , has a cool outfit , hairstyle and normal sized boobs ;)
Next game on the list ... yikes 0_0!!!! Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne , ooooh brother , that game is hard , I like the game but I don't know if I can play another JRPG so soon , even if I already took a break with the orange Box ( finished all the Half life 2 games , what can I say I love the game ) maybe I should skip it over and finish No More Heroes instead ....


Attack of the unplayed games update .02 & final 2010's blog

Hello there dudes:
First and foremost  Happy New Year!!!!!! I hope we all have a better year in 2011 and keep on going Giant Bombers :D
          Well finally set 1 is complete , it took longer than I expected , the guilty culprit (aside chores and hopefully a job by making some designs) was to my surprise Folklore , boy that game is long , also it has way too many japanesy game designs that I no longer want to put up with , at least n the current gen of consoles , like the "famous" LOAD STORY SECUENCE ENGINE , CUTSCENE , LOAD GAME ,  take a FEW STEPS , RELOAD CUTSCENE ENGINE , CUTSCENE .... why can't they just make 1 bigcutscene and spare us too many god damned loads and wasted minutes?????? Add to this a very slow story telling and you wont want to spend too much time playing the game , so you stop and do other things. It was an ok game , it has good graphics for a 1st/2nd generation game for PS3.
          Other game that I finished was Shin Megami Tensei Digital Devil Saga 2 , and although it also has the japanese game designs (really???) I was able and willing to put up with it , after all it is a PS2 gen game so those elements are forgiven , but the good thing ws that the loads times were very fast , to my surprise , I did do a lot of level grinding at the end , because I thought that the level I had at the end was enough but nope I had to lvel till lv 85. Beated it it was a good play , nostalgic in a way , also I noticed that this game is heavy with Buddhist elements (as if it wasn't ovious with words like mantra and atma) , and the end is basicly achieving a Nirvana state (sort of) ... so things worked out for the Embryon after all :).
         Because I ws sure that I would be worn out of heavy JRPG elements the last game of this set was Dragon Quest Swords for the Wii , in normal circumstances I would have probably not liked the game , but its simple game progression , total lack of challenge (except the end boss , which I defeated with the last riposte at the  last moment I could before I would have died with nothing to heal and the big boss attack coming ) very easy to follow story and cute designs , it was a delight , also its short duration (9 hours) was a  change from the last 2 games that I am very grateful. If interested in this game I would give it a rental or it is a perfect RPG game for a child although there are some sexy ladies here and there ;) and even if you fight with motion controls (that aren't all that precise , but that's like all motion controlled games ) the game system is better than average.
         Now I am playing Lost Oddysey and to my surprise I was  on the fourth disk :) so it wont be as long as I feared , played a couple of missions to re introduce myself to the gameplay , but Im still tired of so much RPG so Im going to play me some Half Life 2 , then come back to finishing my unplayed games .... set 2 here I come >:)
       If you are interested in my game of the year picks go to my lists , its the only one that I have , but if you wanna save some time I will tell you my #1 pick ....... roll drums.......
MASS EFFECT 2 :D its not just that I loved the game , it improved over the first one , delivered an incredible game experience and also its a game that I have played 5 time already and still I want more of it ... isn't that what a great game is supposed to do??? Make you play it a lot of times and enjoy it every time you do as if it was the first time
Well thats it for this blog and year , so have a good New Year and see you in January 2011!!!!


Just a drawing

Hello there Dudes:
Just a quick sketch I did on the back of a receipt :P , hope you like

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So any comments? Praise or criticize as you see fit ..... in other words post something :)

Attack of the unplayed games update . 01

Alright just finished FFXIII , boy its been a while since I had to face such a tough end bosses , my recommendation have a shit ton of elixirs , elixir is your best friend . I know most people didnt liked FFXIII all that much but I really did , it made me feel awesome just like FFVIII did (my favorite until this one , now FFXIII is ma fav sorry for the haters :P) , I wont do all the side stuff cause I have a lot of games to finish . So if you havent tried this one well I suggest you do , is not as bad as people say it its ( a bad FF is still more than average game so you cant loose) ok 1 down 21 to go O_OU! 
 Next on the list Folklore

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