Waves of Charity, a 24 Hour Gears of War 2 Horde Mode Marathon

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This Saturday, my website DotSwoof.com, is putting on a 24 hour live stream of Gears of War 2 Horde Mode to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project, which supports wounded soldiers and veterans, a charity that we all feel very strongly about. We're kicking things off at 12pm this Saturday, June 25th and the event will run until 12pm Sunday, June 26th. We'll be streaming from OutOfGears.com and will be playing wave after wave of Horde to raise money for charity. We'll also be giving out a ton of really cool prizes, including DLC codes and many other amazing things that are really gonna blow people away; including prizes from Triforce! It's all for a good cause, so stop by the stream, make a donation, and possibly win something really cool! We've also partnered with SFX-360, GCON, Stick Skills, GearsUp, and more to make the event the best it possibly can be!!

This is the first of several upcoming community run charity events, all the part of the Gears to the End Charity Campaign led by GCON, the world's largest Gears of War community site. You can get updates on the campaign by following them on Twitter at @GEARSCON. For updates on the Waves of Charity event, follow @OutOfGears, @DotSwoof, and @SFX360_COM for the latest news!

(With that said, I didn't read anything saying I couldn't promote a charity event on the boards or in the FAQ, so please excuse my ignorance if this isn't allowed. If this doesn't break any rules, I'll update with our planned segments for the event soon, including some pretty big names in the Gears community.)

About Brothers to the End Charity Campaign

The Gears of War community has banded together to create the Gears to the End Charity Campaign, a series of fundraising events run by various organisations across the Gears of War fan base. Each organisation involved will create and execute their own event, ranging from raffled based prize giveaways to fundraising gaming marathons, for the benefit of a variety of great causes including the well-known gaming charity ExtraLife and the Wounded Warriors Project. Headed by Liam Ashley (Lead Manager, GCON), the group has the involvement of some of the biggest community groups such as SFX360, DotSwoof, Stick Skills and GCON, with further event and fundraising partners to be announced in the near future.


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Posted By afrokola

@rmillz87: Yeah, everything went great, we raised around $2,000! We stumbled in a few areas, but seeing as it was our first live event (and a 24 hour one at that), the show went surprisingly well.

We're thinking of doing another one mid-October in Gears of War 3, I'll definitely shoot you a PM and will be posting about this on the forums much further ahead of time than I did with this one.

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Damn, I missed out on this. I'm hoping it went well and you are planning on another Horde Mode event like this. If you are having another, PM me, I'm definitely in!