Super Smash Bros 4 Part 6: F-Zero

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Most of you know by now that I am the ultimate list whore. As such, I feel that I almost have a duty to create a character roster for the next Super Smash Bros, despite the fact that it may be 6 years down the road. Why am i adding this as a forum post as well as a blog? Because if there is a franchise or character that should obviously be added, I want to make sure that I dont miss them, so all of you need to let me know if some character is being forgotten. Every day, I will add a blog post including the characters from an entire franchise, complete with pictures, and perhaps a synopsis. Please respect that this is my list, and If there is a character I deem not worthy, then i will simply not add them. 

Part 1: Representative Franchises

Part 2: Mario Brothers

Part 3: The Legend of Zelda

Part 4: Metroid

Part 5: Starfox

Part 6: F-Zero

Synopsis: A defender of justice. A bane to evil-doers. And a pretty damn good racer. Captain Falcon has become almost a symbol of awesome nerd culture thanks to his doomsday finishing move, the Falcon Punch. His racer, the Blue Falcon, is famous thanks to the number of wins it has racked up.

Notable Appearances: F-Zero, F-Zero X, F-Zero GX. F-Zero AX, F-Zero Maximum Velocity

SSB4 Likelyhood: 10/10

Differences: I debated whether or not Black Shadow should be his own character up until the posting of this blog. I ended up deciding that he would be far too similar to Falcon. He would be slower, but would fill the same character slot. Blood Falcon would simply be a pallet swap.

Black Shadow
Black Shadow
Blood Falcon
Blood Falcon