Super Smash Brothers 4 Part 48: Professor Layton

Annnnnnd it's BACK! It has been over a year since I first started doing the Super Smash Brothers 4 blog series, and in that time there have been a few characters I felt required pages of their own. I've got some fun treats I plan on showing off in the next few weeks, including a roster page. By the way, please remember that the characters I add may not be likely to enter into such a brawl or melee, but are characters that I feel have either had an important role in video game history or would fit particularly well in such a game.
 While I used to do this tri-weekly, responsibilities will probably limit this to a once-a-week deal from here on out. That said, it won't just be new characters; I plan on going much more in depth with how the next game in the series should work.  
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Part 48: Professor Layton

 Professor Layton
 Professor Layton
Synopsis: The world's greatest detect... er... professor... isn't much known for his fighting prowess, but is quite well known for his remarkable intellect. With the help of his young companion Luke, Layton is a master of solving puzzles, and seems to attract similar puzzle-lovers to himself. 
Notable Appearances: Professor Layton and the Curious Village, Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box
Why: I can't see a better fit for a Smash Bros game than Layton. He's a Nintendo property, and has the look and feel of a character for the series. Coming up with special attacks would be difficult, but no more so than for Captain Falcon. And imagine the possibilities for his final smash... 
SSB4 Likelyhood: 9/10 in some form, 5/10 as a fighter