Best of 2015

Haven't done one in half a decade, figured it's about time for another:

List items

  • I can't help it. When From put's out a "Souls" game, it'll be the game I play most that year. Despite this one's trimmed down character customization, and the least compelling NPCs to date, Bloodborne's atmosphere, enemy design, and world building captivated me, and with the Old Hunter's expansion, kept me playing all year long.

  • Man, what a special little project. It's got the perfect blend of both quirk and pathos, and does a surprising amount with minimalist presentation. And what a soundtrack.

  • A solid departure for a storied franchise. It may have been too much "departure" for some, but I played the hell out of it, and loved nearly every moment. Later, Snake.

  • This was the biggest surprise for me this year, as a person who cares for neither sports or racing games. Getting it as a PS Plus game was the only way I'd ever give it the time of day, and I'm glad I did. Some late nights were logged in ranked matches, and every DLC pack was scooped up, as penance for not having faith in it's original release.

  • I ordered up the full run of Life is Strange, sight unseen, simply because I wanted to support another Dontnod venture. It did not disappoint. There's hokey writing, and some clunky puzzles, but anyone watching the Beast boys' playdates know how much heart this game and it's characters posses. It didn't end exactly how I was envisioning, but it came awful close, and deserves a high spot on this list.

  • The guiltiest of my guilty pleasure's this year. As a P4 fan, i couldn't pass up seeing the IT squad one more time, grooving to great remixes, and getting an easy Platinum Trophy.

  • As a relapsed Dragon Ball fan, it's an interesting time to be alive. We've gotten some solid feature films, a new series, and this beautiful DeviantArt nightmarescape. I played a ton of it, making all my fanfiction dreams come true.

  • It's Fallout. It's got some fun characters/quests, good customization options, and is way too easy to while hours away in. It never really "shines", though, so I think right here is about where it belongs on a GOTY list.

  • I ended up liking Chroma Squad in theory a lot more than in execution, but it has it's moments, fun customizable elements, and sells the hokey sentai show premise well enough to be remembered as a solid game.

  • Batman, you're on this list because I didn't have a chance to play some other games that may well have beaten you, like AC:Syndicate. Count your blessings.

    I guess you were pretty fun, if a little dogged by technical issues.