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Best of 2009

AggroCraig: Best of 2009

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  • As a Beatles fan who also loves to play with fake instruments, this game was everything that I wanted it to be and more. The treatment of the Beatles material is wonderfully reverent, and everything is dripping with excellent presentation. Kudos, Harmonix, for making an amazing experience for Beatles and music fans alike.

  • This game was much further down this list when I originally made it, but now I have finished it and it is easily one of my favorite experiences of the year. It's so enjoyable that I can see myself going back into it to get all of the collectables, just to spend more time in this world that I had such a wonderful time in. The weapons that the developers added and the direction in which the story is being taken all add to what was an enjoyable but flawed game in the original Assassin's Creed to make something completely excellent. I can't praise it highly enough, and I can't wait for the next game in the series.

  • Showing my Ratchet and Clank fandom here, but this game took everything that made me love this series and blew it out to 11. The addition of the time puzzles using Clank brought me back to the great times I spent with Shadow Tim in Braid, which can't hurt. The wonderful weapon design and good planet variety tied it all together.

  • A downloadable game scoring this high on my list speaks volumes to its quality. It took everything that I loved about games like Super Metroid and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and brought it into the modern era, adding just enough direction to cut down on too much needless wandering but also left in plenty of cool stuff to find.


  • I will admit: the reason why I love this game so much is because I love the chaos that four players bring into this game. Having played it in one player, two player, and four player experiences, each of them have provided me with different parts to love, with different ratios of madness and precision available in each. I dig the new suits and the course designs. Not as many secret exits as I'd like, but the platforming just feels right.

  • It's Modern Warfare. But more so. Both in single player and multiplayer. What else can I say? I would probably put this higher, but I haven't had time to play much on LIVE and haven't even gotten to touch the Spec Ops mode yet.

  • I love Batman, and this game went to great lengths to remind me why I do. The atmosphere of Arkham was excellently crafted, the portrayals of all of the characters were interesting, and the voice acting was spot-on. The melee combat was also very satisfying, and I really enjoyed the Riddler content, it had me searching rooms for secrets for a long time. Welcome to the big time, Rocksteady.

  • I bought into this game very heavily in the time leading up to its release, and wasn't disappointed. It delivers the experience it promises, with some satisfying shooting backed by good RPG elements, and a loot system that keeps you going. I will admit that being a completionist and trying to get all of the quests done makes things drag a bit, but the pure variety of guns that I came across was always a motivator.

  • It's a shame that this game ended up so low on this list, because I really loved it. I guess that speaks to the quality of this year's releases. I played through this game probably about seven times, between single player and co-op, and played around with different guns every time. I liked the story, as predictable as it tended to be, and the boss battles were appropriately crazy. The side content, like Mercenaries mode and the Versus add-on weren't for me, but the base game was excellently crafted so I can't fault Capcom for the rest.