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What a blast 0

First of all I LOVED the first ESPgaluda, it is probably my most beloved CAVE shmup of all time. So since the first superplay Videos of Part 2 popped up back in 2005 (I think), I was sure I will love this one too. And I was right. Espgaluda 2 Black Label is just awesome it is fully packed of modes which are all totally different to each other but anyone of those has is appeal so you really want to try all of them. Compared to Mushihimesama futari the scoring system in this is like rocket science...

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Audio and Visual Overkill 0

The awesome Dreamcast/Ps2 game even better! great music, awesome graphics and leaderboards and replay save/view option. The Jump from SD to HD really improved the game and it is safe to say this is by far the best Version of REZ you can buy. I put about 50+ hours into 'playing' REZ on the PS2 but I guess the XBLA version could make me play this even longer....

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