I guess it's sunk cost. No need to torture myself over what are effectively phantasms.

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  • ahoodedfigure posted a message in the forum topic The Wheel of Dubious FPSes Episode 15-18: The Hits of 1998. on the SiN board

    Entertaining as always. I think I have Undying so it's somewhere down on my list. Been playing Doom through a source port lately, including finally getting around to trying Sigil. All these attempts ...

  • ahoodedfigure posted a new blog.
    It's Been a Few Years

    Giant Bomb started around the time I'd begun a new stage of my life. It's hard to put it any other way, since my change in surroundings were pretty dramatic, and the last time I wrote on here was sort...

  • ahoodedfigure posted a message in the forum topic The Outer Worlds, or: "How I managed to disappoint myself for only a dollar". on the The Outer Worlds board

    Ah, that's disappointing... And I don't think I got anything close to that impression from any of the other reviews I'd happened to watch before, but this makes total sense. It sounds like part of it...