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I guess you can read my first blog entry for some sorta basic idea of where I'm coming from. At least with regard to video games.

I will say, though, that I look at games like I look at films and books; a good game is like a conversation between the designer and the player, and the designer shouldn't pander to what he or she thinks the audience will like, but makes something with internal integrity, and assumes that there's an intelligent person on the other end. This holds true for lumbering RPGs down to mindless hack and slash; even the latter needs to be laid out intelligently, have fun mechanics and good controls. All of it adds up.

Just keep away from them and you'll do fine; they're not as bad as that lake of acid way over there.
Just keep away from them and you'll do fine; they're not as bad as that lake of acid way over there.

As an aside, the following is what I tried to enter into my "city" slot, but I guess it was a bit too long (so implied



"I wouldn't really call where I live a city, so much as a suburb, but not your typical sort of suburb that you see in Steven Spielberg movies. Just a collection of houses that doesn't feel URBAN. I mean, it doesn't take long and you can be climbing mountains. Although I guess that's not really a criterion as to whether or not a thing's a city, since you can have big cities next to mountains. It doesn't FEEL like a city... what? Yes, I know I'm avoiding the question."

So, like Kain in Phantasy Star II, I apparently tend to break things. Since I consider myself good at playtesting, I guess that fits.


Tried my hand at the fringes of another database:

Anime Vice


Giant Bomb commenters tend to be a well-informed bunch. You all should be proud of yourselves :)

Ah, but this new site may put me out to pasture (I guess I can leave this to continually stand for my bewilderment at new features).


Even if I can't take advantage of the high bandwidth stuff, I wanted to give my thanks to the anonymous donor or donors who gave me a year's membership. Wanted to make sure there was a more permanent acknowledgment to their generosity in case they didn't see the thanks I gave before!

Also, it seems like there are a few other ahoodedfigures out there; I've had this moniker for more than a decade and a half, so I'm not about to start spelling it with zeroes, but far be it from me to tell you to accept no substitutes. Accept them, if you want.

The true power of gaming (so awesome, decided to make it a permanent link):




Been working for an actual game company for months, now. Since I never saw myself being lucky enough to work for one, at the very least that allows me to say I had absolutely no expectations coming into it, though a lot of what I've seen others say has been confirmed by personal experience! :)