Duck and Cover + Dinty Moore Slaughter = Meatocalypse

The gaming connection is tenuous, but if you've ever been curious about the cold war official story about nuclear war survivability, in contrast to the world that games like Fallout show us, see Duck and Cover.

The Prelinger film that caught my eye, and prompted me to link this in the first place though, is here, and thankfully has little to do with video games.  Yet.  If you eat meat, like I do, do yourself a favor and watch this.  If you don't happen to know already what goes on in this industry, it'll be enlightening and much more candid than you'd probably get from a promo video now.  Maybe the processing has changed, but here you go:


I will say that the assuring, sixties-style announcer, free of irony, has a certain comforting quality for me.  I guess I grew up during the era of leftover filmstrips and old public service announcements from the sixties.  I still view them at a distance, but while the stuff in here may horrify some of you, there are little touches that make me feel nostalgic.  You know, in between the slaughter and my laughter at the announcer's assumptions about my reaction to what's going on.

Don't forget to take your B12 pills, vegetarians. More power to you.  For the rest of us: mind your fingers!!