Good Old Games Interplay Offer... Sure, why not?

I watch a lot of game videos.  Stuff here, but also older stuff showing me games that I never had the chance to play when they were originally out.  I caught a video recently showing an old Might and Magic game, which is apparently for sale as part of a cool set offered by Good Old Games.  I admire Good Old Games' commitment to refurbishing old games so that they work on XP/Vista machines, and through one of their promotions I learned that they were selling a critical tipping point of games that makes me want to use their service.
They've got the classic adventure Beneath a Steel Sky for free, so I'll probably do that as part of the package.  They also have select Interplay games for sale including Fallout 1 and Fallout 2, (but I already have those two and can probably still get them to run properly. )
Here's the list.  It's expandable to include some lesser titles, but I think I'm fine with what I see right there.  MDK and Giants: Citizen Kabuto seem decent enough to get as part of the deal (so I'll pay 6 bucks to get both of them).  Outside the main offer, they also have the 6 first Might and Magic games in one ten dollar set, which I'll get if I get MDK and GCK.
My main conundrum is whether or not to include Heroes II.  I guess what I like about GOG's system is you can download the DRM-free software to any computer, and not have to be connected to the internet past actually needing to download the thing.  They also have goodies as part of some of their game promotions, although some of these goodies are legally available on the net for free anyway, and others, like including the soundtrack for Heroes games, is a bit sprurious an offer considering Heroes used Red Book Audio, meaning you could listen to the tracks without needing the game or a hex editor.
Still, my big problem is trying to figure out what to get.  As a self-proclaimed retro aficionado I guess I'm sort of honor bound to make some purchase here, and the fact that it's download and not a physical copy with unlimited copies allowed makes me feel much more secure than having to deal with the security stuff that a lot of newer releases force on us.  There are few other highly rated games that I know nothing about, too, like Gothic, Arx Fatalis, Lords of Magic, Tex Murphy, Personal Nightmare, Descent, Freespace, and a few others I'm forgetting.  It's not like that other sale I talked about before, these games have pedigree.  If anyone can recommend any of the titles offered at GOG, please let me know :)
Tentative wishlist of games, freely updated (6 + 10 + 6 + 10 + 6 + 0 + 0 +10 + 10 + 10 = too much, have to narrow this down  ($68 ):
Ishar Trilogy (RPG by the great developers at Silmarils)
The Guild (Gold Edition) (This looks really interesting)
*Freespace 1,2 (based upon the recommendations of Delta_Ass and others) (Wait AHF, do you have the first one already!?)
- -Might and Magic 6-pack (I beat World of Xeen, but I love that game so much I don't mind getting it again. Probably the best deal of the bunch despite its age)
-*-Giants: Citizen Kabuto (Realfunfuneral says it's fun)
- -Beneath a Steel Sky (Free? OK. Didn't know the art was by the Watchmen guy.  Did play a bit of it a long time ago, but never beat it)
Heroes II (Won't get Heroes III because I already have a Complete disc at home) 
-*-MDK (I like weird; Realfunfuneral says it's fun, too)
The Gothic series (I and II are highly recommended, III tentatively so, with patching) 
* = part of the [buy Interplay from this list, get half of them for free] deal
- - = stuff that I'll probably get no matter what
Still wondering about: 

Personal Nightmare (Scary adventure game? OK.  Maybe later, though.) 
Gorky 17 (the mood just looks neat to me, and it looks like a more Tactics style combat system, but the reviews are poor) 
Tex Murphy (I like adventure games, but I wonder if the multimedia cheese will be too much for me. Doesn't sound like it may have aged well(?))
Arx Fatalis (It seems like an underrated, more heavily plotted, and less customizable 1st person action RPG)
Jagged Alliance (Hearing iffy things about its engine, although I'm an X-Com fan, so it may be up to taste)
Lords of Magic (Not the same as Master of Magic.  Flawed, from what I've read so far.)