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I guess it's sunk cost. No need to torture myself over what are effectively phantasms.

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Characters I Feel Differently about than Others Seem to

No entry for SWTOR's Bounty Hunter NPC Skadge, so I'll mention him here. His whining is funny, but it's hard to like a guy who... well, let's face it, it's Black Whirlwind again.

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  • If I rejected outright a lot of the well-meaning racists I've known over the years, I doubt I ever would have had a positive influence on them. Doesn't mean their attitudes don't annoy me, but I'd rather hint that there might be something else going on than force them to put up their defenses. There are other ways to fight.

  • Man, do I not understand all the Kaidan hate. The guy's about as inoffensive as they get. Maybe that's everyone's problem? I can't tell. Didn't even recognize him in this new photo they have.

  • Someone cut from the Black Whirlwind mold, although I find him a much more sympathetic character. That crisis moment with him and Ashley is the big failing with her character. I guess I might go back on what I'd said earlier if it ever came down to keeping him alive.

  • I like that he has a conscience, but it doesn't get in the way of his strange prejudices and deep difficulty with trusting others. Makes him complex and interesting to have around. Was a bit bothered by his mindless pro-Republic attitude during the Sunry trial, but that fits his character pretty well.

  • Her pointless Tatooine references and "pluck" and chumminess with "Big Z" were irritating to me, but her healthy attitude after her side story completed and how she treats the main character after the big reveal is damned refreshing. That more than anything else paints her as a survivor.

  • While his irreverence can be funny, the central conceit of the character is off-putting to me. If he was a human being who was just as into killing, it wouldn't go over well, but in the Star Wars universe we're supposed to think of droids as simultaneously lesser beings and capable of human-analogous thought. I don't feel too comfortable with pretending you can have it both ways; either he's a murderer that I wouldn't want around or he's a mindless robot.

  • Whoever entered this guy totally misspelled his fucking name. Anyway, while some of his gruesome stories can be darkly humorous, I can't help but want to punch this guy hard enough that he never stands up again. People this amoral don't deserve the amount of chances this guy had.

  • His cynicism is funny, but eventually I want to slap him around. Either that, or his wife needs to be imprisoned.

  • I've heard he's a bit bland from some, brooding. Eh, I like him. Last time I played BG2 I didn't really have room for him in my party (and we were already thick with ranger types, anyway) but I wouldn't mind having him along.

  • "Smoking Jesus titty cinnamon! That is a MONSTER! That's gonna be SWEEEET!" Sorry, I imagine most people like this guy. I just needed an excuse to say that.

  • Actually, I think a lot of people like this character, but I still feel like I'm bucking some sort of trend by thinking her character was probably what makes even the buggiest of KOTOR2s special to play. The performance of the voice actor and her interesting character design probably play into this. I guess she's sort of the major reason KOTOR 2 manages to hold its own, at least philosophically... it doesn't play to any of the old Star Wars tropes with regard to the Force, making the property feel fresher than it has in most of the other versions of Star Wars out there, even if the game lets this down later. In other ways, the first KOTOR has its share of smart divergences, so I won't bother to belittle it, but it felt safer somehow. I guess I write about her here because she's a bit easy to dismiss as just another version of dark side. Hard to say, it's been so long since I played this game.

  • Where other people say sexy (yeah, OK) or horrifying (yeah, OK), I primarily see tragic. A being created as a combination of cannibalistic monster and (presumably less cannibalistic) humanity, with the mind of a kid and a power-mad father-figure providing the only role model... if anyone in MK's been dealt a messed up hand, it's Mileena.