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I guess it's sunk cost. No need to torture myself over what are effectively phantasms.

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Dynasty Warrior Characters I Like to Play

Wow, those portraits are pretty different from the stuff I'm used to. Anyway, although I haven't played a DW game in a while, we're playing our copy of 4, unlocking all kinds of stuff, so I thought I might lay down a list of the characters I tend to play.

As you can see, I think swords are boring. If they have a weird weapon I tend give them a lot more attention.

List items

  • Two big clubs that hurt! Guy's got a lot of style.

  • One big club that hurts! Probably the character I've played the most, or at least as much as Xiao Qiao. His attitude in DW 4 is fun, too.

  • Dude has an axe. I guess I like the stronger fighters.

  • Twin ton-fa looking things. Clubs are good.

  • I played the fuck out of this character, probably more than any other. Really annoying in English, but she goes crazy on her musou attack, and her spinning jump is great for dealing out premature dismounts.

  • Not a big fan of her musou attack, but at least she isn't as irritating as her little sister in the English version.

  • Two clubs! Maces. Whatever.

  • Something about his stubble triggers the Han Solo gene in me. He looks nonconformist, and that's always a bonus. One of the characters I've only recently taken a shining to.

  • Originally I stayed away from this guy, but his musou attack and his eccentricity make him a refreshing change. Hard to forget this guy.

  • Big club!!!

  • SEGA!

  • Not a big fan of the loveable drunk trope, personally, but he has character to spare.

  • I don't play him a whole lot, but he's at least a bit more interesting than a lot of the characters I have trouble remembering. I think my main issue with him (and that Wei character who's good with bows) is that I don't tend to use bows often enough for it to be a reliable tactic for me.

  • For some reason I feel sorry for the guy. I guess because he's not as well-recognized as his dad or elder brother. Honestly, though, I'm not sure I ever played as him. Just thought I'd let him tag along.

  • Probably the single most noble of the Wei, at least as characterized in 4. Like Sun Quan I haven't played Cao Ren much, but I think he's cool.

  • How could I forget? One of my faves.

  • His speedy charge attack in DW4 is devastating. Thanks to Make_Me_Mad for reminding me to update the list.