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I guess it's sunk cost. No need to torture myself over what are effectively phantasms.

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Games that Managed to Spook Me

Not so easy to do unless you do the JUMP IN YOUR FACE thing. The good ones get inside your head. This list will probably increase the more remember some of the old nightmare games of my past.

List items

  • Go insane. Better yet, go insane, and then leave the 'Cube running while you get up to fix yourself some dinner and come back and look at the screen and OH MY GOD!

  • Him: "BEWARE, I LIVE!"

    Young me in Chuck E. Cheese arcade: "Ummm. Anyone want to play this for me?!?"

    Man. Just great. I felt like it was some sort of trap on the part of the game makers.

  • Their frequent use of skeletons, and my frequent playing this until late in the dark trying to get OUT OF THE DAMNED ENDLESS DUNGEON was enough to make me start when I'd run into some huge, tough monster. Jump scares brought to you by freaky sound mess-ups and sometimes creepy music... a haunted game if there ever was such a thing.

  • Nothing like running face first into a demon hoard to get that chaingun blazing.

  • Something about invincible, godlike things rumbling around in ancient ruins. Wasn't terribly creepy, per se, but the fear of the unknown works wonders.

  • A game where you don't always have the best weapons leads to some harrowing chases. And the spectres are damned creepy.

  • It's too bad they reduced the supernatural puzzles for this one, although I was still creeped out by the things stalking Garret in the darkness.

  • The brilliant 2/3 point. You know what I mean. Well, unless you haven't seen it.

  • There's a malevolent force depicted in this game that gets my instincts on edge.

  • There's something about having the quit button be a pistol. Let's just say this was before the Persona games came out.

  • The soul-crushing mercilessness of the Crysaloids has me gunning for them before any other threat.

  • You may wonder just what the hell this is doing here, but: Screaming zombie things. Link wasn't the only person freaked out by those horrors.

  • Not all scary games need to have fantasy or science fiction elements.

  • Yeah, it spooked me a bit. Hard not to with jump scares like that, though. Fucking orchestra colluded with shiny-doll-in-suit.