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I guess it's sunk cost. No need to torture myself over what are effectively phantasms.

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Intriguing Minimalism

I don't know why, but white-on-black minimalism somehow does something to my brain. I can't get enough of it. Maybe it started when I saw the white halls of Bespin in Empire Strikes Back, only to find the corruption within. This theme was repeated in the Kamino sequences in Attack of the Clones; I love the Kamino scenes unapologetically.
This list may expand to include all minimalism over time, but what I mean is sort of the stark, high contrast or matte look that many people think is bleak or flat.  I love colorful games, but I always like the visual equivalent of a palate cleanser from time to time.  I don't think I mean minimal in all respects, which was easy to get in older games just through virtue of them not having much resources.; I sorta mean stark contrasts and muted whites and grays. 

List items

  • The artificially whitewashed buildings made things have that pristine on the outside, messed up on the inside minimalism that I love, and the expansion pack with the surreal, multicolor floating places was even more interesting conceptually.

  • Just great. Everything is that white-on-black, at least for a while :)

  • I heard the game wasn't so hot, but the starkness of the design fires my imagination for some reason.

  • In the Ice Caves on Dezoris, you had white walls with a black floor and ceiling. It made the place feel disconnected from reality. I wouldn't say this really fits with the minimalist architecture thing I was trying to go for, but Jacki Jinx helped remind me that black-and-white still affects me even when in small doses.

  • While not black and white, there are tons of muted tones in the game to complement the tons of mechs. A very clean, if a bit antisceptic, look to things, especially with the buildings.

  • While there are all kinds of designs in this game, I was especially fond of the cleaner city and armor designs. There are a few pieces of white-on-black armor and equipment which hit that same note for me that others in this list do.

  • My, that is fetching armor.