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I guess it's sunk cost. No need to torture myself over what are effectively phantasms.

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Mortal Kombat characters I like to play

I find myself usually playing certain MK characters, preferring some over others. This is my attempt to figure out just how many there really are.

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  • He's got this electro-kung fu vibe, like he's straight out of Big Trouble in Little China. Cool razor hat that would give Oddjob a run for his money, and I just really like the way the announcer says the guy's name. Rolls off the tongue.

  • Dude has to be my favorite, and I've actually gotten to memorize his advanced moves in many of the iterations of MK, which is saying something. A god who allows himself to die in order to protect humanity? Well, beyond this being an obvious (the possibly unconscious or unintentional) allusion (and will remain unstated), I think this is a cool sacrifice to make.

    When he does his flying torpedo, it cracks me up.

  • I guess he's the favorite of a lot of MK players. I just like his background and his famed "get over here" move. An undead force of vengeance? Awesome!

  • One of the cool conceits in the MK universe is its willingness to make bad guys good guys. I was surprised to learn about the changes that Sub Zero's character went through in later games, and that only made me like the guy more.

    Why I like him originally? I guess I like ice powers, and I have a weakness for the color blue.

  • This guy looks bad-ass, but he always comes off as a bit of wimp in the actual series, in my opinion. Which is disappointing considering this guy is aesthetically very pleasing, with his arcade tats and his pale skin. The kind of goth that can fuck you up.

  • A heroic, strong gal. Nothing wrong with that.

  • She still freaks me out in Deception when she tears her mask off. Cool character with a cool, and sort of tragic if you ask me, background.

  • When she became a good guy I thought she was rather inspired. Despite my creating the hair attack page, I'm not actually a big fan of those, but she was one of the people I had in mind when I created it. She's got sort of an Elvira feel to her character which I find fun and campy, and thus directly in line with the series' aesthetics :)

  • One of my favorites. His change in character in Deception (one of the few MK games I actually own) his story origins, and where his name actually came from. Epic.

  • I never got a handle on this guy's moves, and the bicycle kick feels a bit too funny for me to take the guy too seriously, but I still have a weakness for characters styled after Bruce Lee, which I guess he is.

  • I dunno, I guess there's a lot of hate out there for the drunken master. I just like the guy for some reason. I like the concept behind drunken master fighting, I like that he's a big guy but capable (I'm equal opportunity, I guess), and he's one of the few bearded fighters (equal opportunity again).