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I guess it's sunk cost. No need to torture myself over what are effectively phantasms.

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Not Color-Blind Friendly

You heard me!   Not every one of the offenders really makes a huge impression on me; I usually manage to find ways around the problems.  Every once in a while, though, the game becomes all but unplayable due to bad color choice.

Special awards go to companies that realize what's going on and do something about it, like Firaxis and their patch for Alpha Centauri.

List items

  • Green and yellow crystals look exactly the same. Using a spare pair of filter glasses, a different pair look exactly the same. *defeat*

  • Great, guys. Pick matching gem shapes for the yellow and green, and the purple and blue. Oh, and make the socketed and etherial name colors similar, along with making most of the rest of the item color coding confusing as all hell. It's like this game was a practical joke on the color blind. Thankfully these can be figured out by examining items or mousing over, but sheesh!

  • While I haven't played it myself, I hear some folks have trouble with the new hacking minigame because of the color-coding of the parts of the dial.

  • Maybe it's changed, but I remember the yellow and green as being particularly hard for me to parse.

  • Fungus among us? Hard to tell. But Firaxis confirms their awesomeness by providing an alt-color patch (linked in the description text above)