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I guess it's sunk cost. No need to torture myself over what are effectively phantasms.

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Wii games people apparently like

Where I try to list all the games people tend to like, to help counter the blind hatred some people have for the Wii because the franchise is successful without these folks having given any money to Nintendo. I've not even SEEN a Wiimote in person, much less played a single Wii game (and least when I first started this list), but these are the ones people point out to me, so I'll keep a list to show people it's not a frigging game wasteland on the Nintendo side of the fence.

List items

  • Lovely looking game with old school flare and modern smoothitality

  • I'm in love and all I watched was a quick look :)

  • I have a friend who suffers from a complex, genetic immune disorder. As long as he keeps active, he manages to stave off some of the stiffening in his joints.This game helps when it's too exhausting or painful to get outside for a walk. So despite people making fun of this game's ubiquity I just couldn't do the same, given how much he says it's helped him. I won't add Wii music to the list, but he would add it to his as another title that helps him out.

  • If this isn't a Wii exclusive it sorta misses the point I was trying to make, but people apparently like it, so I'll put it here until someone stops me or I get un-lazy and look up the versions myself.

  • I have a soft spot for this game no matter how little it's changed from my Gamecube version, just as long as it's at least as good. Granted, it helps to have good friends who are into it, but I do, so I'm set.

  • Whenever people review the Gamecube one, they talk about the Wii version, and whenever people review the Wii one, they talk about the Gamecube version.

    C'mon, is it as good as Wind Waker (another game people hate on for some strange reason) or not?

  • I mean, I loved the first Metroid Prime. Haven't played the second, though, so I'm keeping my distance until I find the second and can play it, or just give up. But... METROID!

    This one does, so I've heard, have a more action-oriented bent, which I'm not into when it comes to Metroid, but I'd still give it a shot.

  • This one still seems a bit dubious, but the retro references look fun, and a ton of people like it, apparently.

  • I think people pretty clearly are in love with this game, although old Mario has gotten me the closest to a gaming-related aneurysm as I'm likely to get on the sane side of the final level in Halo. I mean, seriously, Mario games, for all their brightness and appeal, have to be some of the most sadistic games... I guess I'd still get this. I have watched the ending sequence on Youtube, though. Mario, you don't have power over me.

  • I'm referring to the Wii port, which I guess made some changes, for better or worse. Not played the Gamecube, but their change of pace in this franchise sounded very appealing.

  • Heard this was good, but not even sure what the hell it's supposed to be. Sports of some sort, I guess. Goddamn it, Mario, why don't you retire and give someone else a fucking chance?

  • More of the same? Dude, if I can blast someone with a red turtle shell, you can take your cynicism to the 50 cc lanes.

  • Looks like they're simplifying the support in this game, which is a huge bummer, but if it plays like the old games it still seems promising.

  • I liked the Smash Bros for the gamecube. Fighting game it ain't, too chaotic, but sending these characters flying into the distance to explode is satisfying that only a Disney brawl game could top. Take that, Mickey!

  • The line over the O in Okami means it should really be spelled Ookami. But that might be interpreted as the English O, which it isn't. It's really an extended vowel, which Japanese has as a feature of its pronunciation. With shogun, for example, the o can be oo or with a line over it, since it's long as well. This wasn't a Wii exclusive, but it seems like the kinda game that would work well with a WiiThingie.

  • Heard it's good. Action RPG. Items. Humor. I don't have enough money to keep up with all of these games.

  • Looks like a solid adventure game to me. Thank you!!

  • Thanks, Claude.

  • Return of the Spector

  • Personally I think Kirby is fucking creepy, but there you go.

  • Too hard to tell which is which in the menu