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I am a Video Producerbot/Editor/Director for Whiskey Media. 
I am born and raised in the East Bay, I lived in NYC from 2001-2009, then I lucked out and found a great job at Whiskey in San Fran. 

I am a PC gamer from way back, but since I only have a macbook pro now, I am limited primarily to TF2 and Portal.  Not that I'm complaining.  Very excited for Poker Night.     
My favorite games of all time are 1)Portal 2)Bully 3)The Warriors 4)Day of the Tentacle 5)Left 4 Dead.  It's all about the writing.
I am an all-around Rock Band Expert.  

You can follow all my hilarious and informative tweets: @AHR.
You can watch my amazing and professional work over at Tested's video page.  Here are some really good ones:
Dance Central at E3
Makin Grape Juice Hooch with Ryan Davis
Testing the AR Drone Remote Controlled Quadcopter