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Just saw Your Name as well. Holy crap, y'all, I was legitimately moved. The movie does well with the premise, while engaging in some solid characterization and setup of the world. There were some genuinely surprising and enjoyable twists on the way to the end; when I felt I knew where the movie was headed and going to end, I was surprised again. The music is good throughout (I saw the sub version, though I'd buy the Blu Ray to watch the dub and just to own it), but the animation, character design, and setting is masterful. That might be the best thing about it, is that it is a beautiful story done in a beautiful format. Easily one of the best anime films I've ever seen. Check it out if you get the chance.

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The first games that I ever rented were from my local Blockbuster (that's now an O'Reilly's Auto Parts store), a bunch of special SNES games: Super Star Wars, Boogerman, Earthworm Jim, and Rocko's Modern Life. Not sure why I picked those titles, but whevener my cousins would visit me and stay at my house, my Mom would take me over there to rent a game or two for the weekend. Didn't really have any "mom and pop" type video rental places, just a choice between Blockbuster and Hollywood video. My best friend was way more into renting games then I was, and had a few more consoles than I did. I was pretty much going to his house every weekend, so whatever he was renting from Blockbuster that weekend we were definitely playing all night.

Renting continued into the N64 era, where I rented tons of stuff, but most notably Hey You, Pikachu! and Pokemon Snap (which I ended up buying), and later PS2/Xbox era. My friend and I tried out Game Crazy at H.V. briefly, but pretty much stuck with the games club at Blockbuster because of the 1 or 2 game at a time deal. So legit.

After both closed (the Blockbuster first, followed by the family video, which is now a Rite Aid or something, that still has the Hollywood Hills and Spotlight trim on the side of the building), I did some brief game rentals from Family Video for the Xbox 360. But, between the terrible categorization in the store, the lack of selection, and the bad condition of the games there, it was just not worth it. But man, I miss those Blockbuster days sometimes, of how simple it was to just grab an N64 or SNES cart, pop it in, and have a weekend disappear.

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Hey Duders! Be my friend! I'm:


on Origin!

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I have to say, having watched all of South park to this point, I'm absolutely in love with any episodes that have to do with videogames. Maybe that's a bit of a no brainer being a part of this website about videogames, but I think they're handled with solid reverence and timeliness. I think my favorite episodes in that sense were the multi-part series around the Xbox One/PS4 launch, and Cartman's impatience to get the Nintendo Wii. I know the subject of those episodes were not the consoles themselves, but using their launch as a backdrop and the time and place nature of seeing them created special memory associations to those consoles for me, so I appreciate how South Park used them. Who knows, maybe we'll get a VR episode this season or something?

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@kcin said:

For example, one of my absolute favorite episodes of television is Free Willzyx. It takes the boys and puts them into an archetypal 90's feel-good story about doing what is right in the face of adversity and jaded adults. It deftly parodies the popular notion in film that a kid's wide-eyed positivity is always worth heeding, and it benefits tremendously from already-established character traits; it doesn't shove the kids into a mold, it fits the mold to them. Casa Bonita and Faith+1 are also brilliant episodes in which we see the subversion of an existing storytelling template by the traits of existing characters - in the former, that of Kyle and Cartman's convictions and lack thereof, respectively; and in the latter, Cartman and his peers' differences in what drives them. South Park benefits from the standalone nature of these episodes, in that it is able to use its characters as pieces in a game, each with their own capabilities and weaknesses for every task, and tell stories USING them, rather than AROUND them.

Well said. I have the same feelings about Season 10, ep 14 "Stanley's Cup". I keep thinking about that episode because it seems to come out of nowhere in that season, but is a perfect parody in the way you describe: The feel-good, scrub to champion underdog story in the style of "Rudy", "Mighty Ducks", "Karate Kid", etc. But, it does the thing of flipping your expectations of the outcome on it's head. I wish they would try more stuff like this, and with the show pretty much maintaining continuity from here, for better and for worse, it seems like they will lose the opportunities to do episodes with that focus.

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I'm so hyped for it. Seriously. Wish I could have gotten it this Friday, but I'm looking forward to embarking on the campaign on Oct 11th!! Woo!!

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@mocbucket62: Fellow college ball fan here too. Gotta stump for my Buckeyes, and pumped for some of the conference and rivalry games to come up in later weeks. Looking forward to a bunch of late Saturday nights (and Sunday and Mondays for NFL, as that is what this thread is about after all) watching or often falling asleep to games. ND-Texas finish was incredible and the Houston-OKLA game was crazy too.

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Can't wait for this. Seems like forever ago there was a PlayStation dedicated stream, and I enjoy how the GB team has covered these events in the past.

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Definitely draft kicker, defense, early in for some head-scratchin' reactions.

Other hilarity is to draft a ridiculous amount of players of one position you'd never need (i.e. 4 QBs, 4 defenses, 5 kickers, etc.)

Love the team name + idea. The more soccer references you can throw in the better, i'm sure.

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Whattup NFL duders! Glad to see the thread revived. Excited for the start of the season Thursday!!! Woo!