2015 GOTY List

Super late on this one, but hey, I'm finally getting it done. As always, the bottom half of this list is games I've barely played but still end up here because I don't play a lot of new releases in the year they come out.

Honorable mention goes to Rocket League and NBA 2k16: games that came out in 2015 that would've made this list if I were making it today, but that I hadn't played before the end of 2015 when I actually would've been making this list. There were also a bunch of other 2015 releases I saw as I was going through a release list that I definitely wanted to get around to but still haven't. I wish I had more time!

List items

  • This game technically came out in December 2014, but it was after I had already put together my 2014 list, so it gets pushed to 2015 because it was by far my favorite game I played all year (it also didn't come out on PS4 until 2015, so it double counts!).

  • It's different enough from DSII that I consider it fine to include (it's even got its own GB wiki page!), and it was second only to Talos in terms of games I enjoyed in 2015. My incredible disappointment with Bloodborne actually helped me come to terms with my disappointment of the initial release of Dark Souls II (i.e. Dark Souls II feels hollow when compared to the first Dark Souls, but, holy shit, at least it's not Bloodborne)

  • The standalone DLC Road to Gehenna was so good that I feel the need to include it on here as well. Some people might consider that cheap, but hey, it's my list. I spent more time with this DLC than most of the things below it on this list, and I definitely enjoyed it more.

  • This is by far my least favorite Souls game, but it's here just by virtue of everything below it being worse or not played enough. For as bad as I think Bloodborne is, and for how much I think it fails to grasp what many people actually like about the other Souls games, I still got the platinum out of spite, so surely that must count for something. I think I actually enjoyed the chalice dungeons significantly more than the main game.