i was looking through my favorites and i found my old blog from a looong time ago. needless to say, i have no idea what the fuck is happening here. 

  hello there friends, family,johny brovo. today im not here for comody, im here bkuz i need to tell what you people call yoursalves(people) and you shoud because you can open a bag of airplane peanuts but it's not my fault, it's yours! and that's why im here to talk about, peanuts....no wait....actuly how you "people" think you're humain you foolish "people" and you're wondering now,"wait, isnt he insalting himself?" and no i am not because i am not a person, i am a guy or a what peope call me"Ajay". and it's not A.J or that's not how it's prononiced, it A then add the JAY but not like J, like jauy (wut?), got it edgar? good.amyways, the day i wrote this, it was raning and this the only thing to do and im not watching dr.phil at 5:00, besides, i love this computer.now you "people" might now be thinking"MAn this has no point, im not gonna read this" but wait you stupid "people!" well you're onyl stupid of you said or think like that brcasue there's more
i have some targets here, they willbe displayed in they're normal ways,actuly,im not.anyways, back to my topic.now you "people" might thinking polloting is cool or "Extrilmy Splinded"  but if you think that, you are a tottal dumbass. dont like my words of truth, go somewhere else, say.......europe because it sounds like you need a vacation. now about the real thing about life, to keep it clean and cherish it and if you dont, some random guy from l.a's gonna come down there and bust your freakin skull out and i woulhate that bkuz killing is badder than loading screens on your GPS systim by toyota. and specking of commorchils, did you see the new axe head from johnny corp?lol amazing, ok i have no idea bout what im saing.
hahahahahha, take that "people!" i just shut out your car's AC!
no more ice warrior complaints in quebec city!!!!
not you foolish "people" must be ashamied!polloting,farting,setting up webcams and new stuff yiu see at the flea market.and you shoud know, farting is polloting because your fart parktiles of "stink" blast out your butt and those "stink" destory the ground, cool eh? now stop farting you foolish "people!!!"
now you're wondering"how does he kno all this?" and "this is bullshit! why is he talking about?" and keep reading.
the only reason i am burning you "people" so bad is because i can do my friggin wurk with you ppl saying" want $10?" or"monkeyassfartbuttassmanofsomewhereijustmaup!!!!" and i wont stand up for it so.....shut up.
email me at ---
visset www.stinkworld.piczo.com (my old site O.o)
email me or will banned you from this masterpeice place!
until next tile, holl
Ajay ******

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seriously, what the fuck am i even talking about? i think this was an attempt at humor at the time.. i find myself confused and dying from laughter.  a good friend of mine, TehFedro and i were looking at some of my old stuff. oh man, what is this i don't even.  

hentai is for the people! 
hentai is for the people! 

i just thought i'd share this with you all. i thought it was entertaining somewhat. feel free to laugh at my awesome spelling.