Games Completed in 2011

just a personal list because i'm curious as to how many games i beat per year. represent!  
games are rated out of 5 stars

List items

  • 360. Jan 15th. i finally beat it after forever of not being able to beat the last level. it was good.

  • PS3. Feb 25th. it was a total blast to shoot up some Higs again. i thought that the story wasn't as bad people said it was. sure, the way the story was presented at the beginning was pretty bad, but the story was a good excuse to go to cool locations.

  • PS2. March 2nd. fuck me, this game is great. lots of crazy, memorable moments and it might have one of my favorite characters in a video game. go go, Karou!

  • PS3. March 12th. Yakuza 3 is awesome. great story with characters that i care about and the combat was a ton of fun. i didn't want this game to end. :(

  • PS3. April 3rd. i didn't actually beat this game, but i watched a friend of mine play through the entire thing and i got to play around for about five minutes. man, this game is a total blast to play with friends. I DIDN'T KNOW THE DOUCHEBAG CONVENTION WAS IN TOWN.

  • 360. May 8th. first time beating NGII on the xbox, but i beat it twice on PS3. so much bloodier! lots of fun. i think i'll go play Sigma 2 again.

  • 3DS. May 24th. Chronicle mode. never before have i been so giggly and won over by fan service like a school girl. fun, but a bit too easy.

  • PS3. June 22th. what the hell even happened there? regardless, still a lot of fun.

  • PS2. June 28th. a bit freaky near the end, but pretty good. holds up well for a 10 year old game!

  • 360. June 6th. this is the perfect summer game, although it might have the most abrupt ending that i have ever seen in my entire life.

  • PS3. July 20th. have a good one, Snake.

  • PS3. October 17th. fun game! please make another Driver game. pleasepleaseplease.

  • 360. November 6th. in preparation for MW3! i still think that this campaign is great. so many crazy set pieces and cool locations to shoot dudes in. the story is a bit ridiculous, yes but that's part of the fun!

  • 360. November 10th. super explosive and exciting. so much fun to shoot dudes, and see crazy set pieces.

  • 360. November 28th. you guys NEED to play Saints Row 3. holy shit.