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The Best/Most Noteworthy Games from 1984

The aftermath of the North American video game crash became very noticeable by 1984: considerably fewer games were released since many companies either went bankrupt or withdrew from the video gaming industry. And with the American release of the NES still being a year away, there wasn't much to fill the gap. In addition to that people were tired of video games due to the legions of low-quality games they were flooded with during the previous months.

Although the situation seemed bleak, that didn't mean there wasn't an upside or any progress: IBM introduced its EGA (enhanced graphics adapter) graphics standard which allowed for 16 colors being simultanously displayed on IBM personal computers. And, though not the first graphic adventure, Sierra's "King's Quest I" became something of a genre-standard for the next couple of years.

Overall one can say that with the death of the console market it was the personal computers that tried to plunge into the gap left by the crash.

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