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I Want to Play a Game: A Bad Game 1

If you've seen the movie Saw 2, you have all the information needed to evaluate this game. It starts off with an interesting premise of being trapped on a Saw-esque cruise ship worth of trap rooms and puzzles where success is the difference between life and death and then flushes all interest down the toilet in spectacular fashion. What are 999's chosen tools of enjoyment destruction? Awkward dialogue by a variety of bad anime trope characters (actually much like Saw 2), horribly boring and ...

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A Late to the Party Review (Dat Interactivity Tho) 0

I bought this probably 2 years ago and just never got around to playing it. Having just played through, I kind of wish I'd just skipped it altogether. The game reminded me so much of all the criticism hurled at Final Fantasy 13 when it was released. You have this gorgeous game with an amazing world, great sound, beautiful attention to detail all wrapped around a bunch of tired gaming tropes with nothing to do (I would argue Final Fantasy 13 had redeeming gameplay, but that may very well be p...

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All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go 0

Strap yourselves in - this is going to be a long one. Having read the other reviews on this site and others, I felt obligated to add a review to this site written from the perspective of a hardcore Fire Emblem superfan to discuss the many design decisions that Awakening brings to the Fire Emblem series rather than simply compare it to other strategy games. More simply put, I want to review Fire Emblem: Awakening as a Fire Emblem game rather than a strategy game. This is important because in my m...

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Maybe the Best Platformer I've Ever Played 0

Lucky for me, me 7 year old son has fallen in love with platformer games (he's a big fan of all things Mario). While I've been playing and enjoying platformers all my life, I honestly never played a Rayman game for some reason. My son got Rayman: Legends for Christmas and we've spent the last 5 days powering through the game - we're in love with it. The fact that both of us can play a local co-op game seamlessly despite the skill level difference and have this much fun is very special to me. I l...

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A Fun Trip Down Memory Lane 0

I'll keep my review short because Shovel Knight is an easy game to review. If you like Duck Tales or Mega Man 2 for the NES, you should buy this game. Period. If this game were released on the NES back in the day and I could have payed $15 to own this game, this may well have been one of my all-time favorite childhood games. I'll spare the time of describing what those game are like (if you haven't played them, you should), so I'll simply comment on what Shovel Knight brings to the table to enha...

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I Just Couldn't Keep Playing 0

By way of background, I've played JRPGs by the truckload since the original Final Fantasy. While a great JRPG is something I truly cherish, my attention span for mediocre RPGs has worn thin since I've played so many. I'm at a point in my life where I would love to have time to go back and replay Persona 4 or Final Fantasy VI with the limited time I have for games, so I don't have time to suffer through bad games.Bottom line, Radiant HIstoria just didn't hold my attention for longer than 5 hours....

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Fun Game Held Back by Technical Glitches and Poor Progression 0

At the end of the day, I can absolutely say I had fun playing this game. It reminded me a lot of the Front Mission series, of which Front Mission 4 is one of the best, yet underappreciated games in this genre. The battle systems, the class systems, the blend of macro/micro gameplay are all well done. I absolutely loved training my soldiers, watching them move through the ranks (and getting call signs) and watching what they can do in battle. It's like getting to live the GI Joe battle you a...

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A Final Fantasy Music Lovers Dream Come True 0

I'll sum it up simply: If you are a longtime lover of Final Fantasy soundtracks, you are going to love this game. Even if you aren't a huge fan of rhythm games such as Elite Beat Agents, this game packs enough FF nostalgia to hook you fast. To compare to Dissidia, clearly another FF fan service title, this game offers all the same great nostalgia with a better core game mechanic. What really struck me through playing this game is how consistently amazing the FF music has been over the course of ...

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Fun Match 3, but Puzzle Quest it is Not 0

It must not be my year for downloadable games, because I'm finding everyone else's games of the year to be merely average. 10,000,000, while a great, quick distraction, is a competent match 3 puzzle game. With that said, I couldn't help but feel that I'm playing a dumbed-down version of Puzzle Quest. The core game mechanic is as basic as you get and you've played it a thousand times before. While I liked the combination of match 3 and endless runner, I'm done with this game now that I beat it. W...

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A Fun, Challenging Throwback Game 0

In short, I had a lot of fun trying to beat FTL. I found the game to be a rewarding challenge where I constantly wanted to give it one more go after each death where I was oh-so-close to finally beating getting to the final world. Once I beat it a couple of times, I was done with it and likely won't go back (which I don't hold against the game). I don't know if I completely agree with how much everyone on Giant Bomb seemed to gush over this game, but I would encourage anyone to give it a try (th...

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The Definitive Assassin's Creed Experience 0

I really enjoyed Assassin's Creed II and this one improves upon everything, and I mean everything, in that game. If you liked that game, you will love this game. Notable improvements/additions are the Leonardo DaVinci weapon missions, the Assassin training system, the Borgia towers, and the improvements/renovation system. My personal favorite change that makes a huge difference is the kill chaining system whereby you can effortlessly flow from enemy to enemy while taking them down in style. It r...

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Great Mechanics, Frustrating Story Mode 0

I spent a good amount of time with Fight Night Round 3. The series is absolutely the best when it comes to capturing real boxing mechanics, pacing of a fight and the fun of watching a great knockout. The punch control mapping to the right stick was also a welcome improvement in my mind. All who enjoyed the previous games will find plenty to like here as it is a better looking, better controlling version of the game you know and love. That said, I'll focus on what was supposed to be the highlight...

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Average Game with Unique Visual Style 0

I am playing through this game with my 4 year old son. I'm about halfway through and it has gotten a little tough for him. That being said, I really have very little interest in finishing the game. While there is nothing particularly wrong with the game, I feel like I've played stuff like this a million times before. It does have some very unique visual elements, but the gameplay itself seems recycled a thousand times over. If you are a platformer junkie that just needs another fix, I'm sure thi...

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Amazing Experience if you Have the Time and Money 0

I loved Child of Eden for what it was: A memorable audit/visual experience that kept me wanting to see what the next level had in store until the credits rolled. Each level has a different vibe and the music, enemies and level design are designed around those themes. I played with a standard controller and can honestly say the gameplay is secondary - really only served as an attention grabber to draw you deeper into paying attention say that you focus on the experience at hand. For me, a person ...

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Still One of the Best After All These Years 0

I can still remember buying Final Fantasy 3 (I didn't know about 2, 3 and 5 back in the day) at my local Electronics Boutique for $79.99 on the SNES all these years ago when I was 12 years old. Needless to say, I played through it countless times and it has always had a special place in my heart. I recently played a copy of the GBA version over the holiday break to relive the nostalgia and figure out whether it still had the magic from my childhood. While there are a few things about the game th...

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Best Shooter of the Year if they would have added New Game Plus 0

Bulletstorm is 5 flavors of awesome. I truly loved everything about this game except for the crushing realization after I beat the game that I couldn't play through again with all my weapons/upgrades unlocked. I am still in shock that the people who made this game didn't think to put that feature in the game, but I'll get over my disappointment.If you like shooters, but are tired of the same-as-last-year feel that Halo and COD offers up, Bulletstorm is your game. From the creative weapons and se...

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Charming but Forgettable 0

While Costume Quest will definitely reawaken fond childhood memories of Halloween and the thrill or trick-or-treating, it isn't a game you'll remember you played a couple of years from now (the trophies may serve as a reminder). The RPG-lite gameplay is intentionally kept at an extremely simplistic level. While this may help attract and appeal to a younger audience, I can speak from a child's perspective (given that my 4 year old son played this with me) in saying that it didn't really seem to w...

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Why this Game is better than Old-School Side Scrolling Shooters 0

For many console cycles, I used to love side scrolling shooters. Whether it be R-Type, Gradius, anything by Treasure, etc., I used to have one or two of these games every console cycle. It really was just one of those staple genres that I loved to play every once in a while. However, when I first played PixelJunk Sidescroller, I had to ask myself: "When was the last time I seriously played one of these games?" What I finally realized is that it has been since about 2004 since R-Type Final and Co...

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Didn't Live up to the Hype 0

I will set the stage by stating that I love strategy games (see my lists to get a flavor of the games that I like) and have played pretty much everything in the genre. I played a little of my brother's copy of Tactics Ogre on the Playstation years ago, but didn't think it stacked up to the likes of Final Fantasy Tactics from a gameplay standpoint. I was excited to hear about the remade PSP version given the number of announced gameplay changes and new features. While there were some improvements...

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The Pinnacle of Gaming 0

Many others have already sung this game's praises in great detail, so I will simply say that all the hype surrounding this game is well deserved. The puzzles are mind-bending, but have just the right amount of challenge to keep you engaged without reaching the point of frustration. It does a great job of giving you the core tools (portal gun, liquids, tractor beams, etc.) and introducing you to new ways to use them. Couple this with a great storyline and clever, genuinely funny dialogue and you ...

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Great Strategy Game with Annoying Issues 0

If you liked Puzzle Quest as much as I did, you will like this game. Period. It really does scratch the exact same itch as that game although the gameplay is clearly different. I loved the different classes/character options, ability to customize armies and artifacts that allowed further customization of specific themed builds. The story mode, while not doing anything dramatically new or special, was a nice touch to introduce you to the different characters and gradually introduce new classes.Th...

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Completely Engrossing Experience 0

I came into L.A. Noire not knowing quite what to expect. Based on reviews of the game, it seemed like an attempt at the best of what Rockstar offers in the story department with less of the annoying gameplay quirks. However, I heard a number of complaints about the evidence system and how things ended up feeling a little too "video gamey". After spending a number of hours with the game, I am pleased to say that this is easily one of the best times I've had experiencing a game story in years.The ...

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A must-have for Final Fantasy Fans 0

I write this review from the perspective of a lifelong Final Fantasy fan who thoroughly enjoyed the gameplay and nostalgia of the first FF Dissidia, on which I spent more hours than any other game in recent memory.  My overwhelming recommendation for this game cannot be overstated for anyone who has loved a Final Fantasy title at any point in their lives.  There are two key selling features to this game that ultimately kept me coming back for more.  First, this game brims with Final Fantasy nost...

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Not quite the "Welcome Back" I was hoping for... 0

I picked this game up as part of Sony's Welcome Back program.  Even though I paid nothing for the game, I feel like I've eternally lost 30 minutes of my life.  Ultimately, this game was a totally generic, tech demo-esque experience that involves rinse-and-repeat driving sequences where you press a button to jump on  a car and hold a button to shoot enemies.  The game will vary things up by putting you into an inferior handling boat, but it was basically the same thing over and over again.  I did...

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Fun Game with an Unforgivable Glitch 0

I am really heartbroken writing this review because I really enjoyed my time with Trauma Team.  I really wanted to finish it, but my time with the game was cut short by one of the worst programming screw-ups I've ever experienced in my 20 year gaming history.  On the 3rd forensics mission (the one with the mother and daughter that are killed), I reached a point where the game wouldn't combine two pieces of evidence ( a glitch, not me not knowing how to play games), thus making it impossible for ...

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Buy the NES Version on the Virtual Console Instead 0

I can't begin to describe how much of the original Punch-Out for the NES that I played growing up.  Given my thirst for a trip down memory lane, I picked this game up expecting this to be the definitive version of a classic game.  Instead, the developer chose to remove the signature character (Mike/White Tyson), throw in a stereotypical gay guy along with some lesser characters from Super Punch-Out, and screw around with some of the attack patterns of the classic fighters.  I also hated the cont...

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Action Games Don't Work on the DS 0

I barely played this game for 15 minutes.  The bottom line is this:  Using a stylus on a small screen to control an action game makes it difficult to see what is happening on screen.  It is the same problem that caused me to turn off Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword in 15 minutes.  This concept just doesn't work, period.  I can't even comment on all the plot, music, art style, etc. that some people seemed to like because the gameplay is so flawed.  I should have read the reviews more carefully, but I ...

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Definitive Naruto Game with a Terrible Story Mode 0

If you ignore the story mode of this game and simply focus on the Vs. battles, this game is incredible. The visuals are stunning, the character roster is deep and varied, and the fighting system is flashy and fun. By going through the Vs. mode, you can still unlock all the characters and see much of the best content in the game. If you are ready to subject yourself to a lot of boredom, you may consider giving the Story mode the chance. Compared to the first Ultimate Storm, this game's core mode ...

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Completely falls short of Fallout 3 0

While I don't usually find myself being drawn in to open world games, Fallout 3 had just the right mix of role playing elements, exploration, and amusing dialogue to keep me interested.  Having played through several hours of Fallout New Vegas, I walked away without the game ever clicking.  Whether it was the numerous technical issues, the smaller world, or the odd replacements for Fallout 3's karma system, it really seems like just about every phase of the game took a step back in this game.  I...

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Sometimes it's the simple things in life 0

Having scratched my head about how the first Assassin's Creed sold so well after hearing the numerous criticisms, I approached this game with a healthy dose of skepticism.  Having finished the lengthy quest after picking up and putting down the game over the course of several months, I can say that there is a lot to love here, although I'm not sure the things I loved were the things the developers wanted me to love.  Loved -Reaching the viewpoints - while it seems crazy that my favorite part of ...

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RE 4 + AI Partner + Better Pacing = RE 5 0

The best way I know how to sum up Resident Evil 5 is this: If you want a better looking version of Resident Evil 4 with a slightly shorter, better paced experience, this is the game for you. Since I loved RE 4, playing through RE 5 was a blast and was hard to put down. Everything that made Resident Evil 4 great such as the improved over-the-shoulder aiming system, the upgradeable weapons, the action rather than puzzle-focused gameplay, and the hordes of zombies (as opposed to the one or two at a...

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Too Much Grind, Not Enough Payoff 0

While the Dragon Quest formula has barely changed throughout the years, the series has always been defined by accessible gameplay concepts and a measured pace, repetition, and overall flow.  In my opinion, Dragon Quest VIII got this formula right more than any of it's predecessors while managing to add modern features such as stunning graphics, a fun skill leveling system that allowed character customization, and an excellent balance between challenge and simiplicity.  While DQ IX has many of th...

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I liked the original better 0

While it may be hard to convince many people that the original Puzzle Quest is superior to the sequel, I can't ignore the fact that I finished that game twice while I traded the sequel in after 10 hours.  Since the gameplay is mostly the same, it is really just a few details that really drag this game down in my mind.  First, I didn't like the decision to change the overworld map to a close up map.  It adds to the amount of time you spend needlessly clicking on arrows on the screen without provi...

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The Definitive Update to One of the Best Games Ever 0

I loved the original Starcraft.  I never played a single online multiplayer match, but I've played through the campaigns countless times as well as numerous comp stomp matches.  While I'm not great at RTS games and don't typically enjoy Sci Fi, I loved the epic storyline, varied and unique yet balanced races, and the simple yet deep game systems.  Starcraft 2 basically takes all the things I liked about Starcraft and makes them better.  In a nutshell, the game is gorgeous, has all of the classic...

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Best Open World Game but I'm Over this Genre 0

For any fans of Grand Theft Auto, Saints Row, etc., I would highly recommend this game.  Aside from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (mostly due to the 80's music), I spent more time with this game than any other title in the genre.  The shooting/targeting system is excellent, the world is gorgeous and alive with detail, and the dialogue is top-notch, on par with the Uncharted 2's of the world.  That being said, I realize after having played about 10 hours of the game that the open world genre just d...

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Partners in Time - Crying Baby Mario and Luigi = A Good Decision 0

If you liked the previous games in the Mario & Luigi franchise, there is no reason you shouldn't enjoy this game as well.  My least favorite part of the last game was the addition of Baby Mario and Baby Luigi, two of the most annoying characters of all time.  In addition to the crying noises, I felt that their addition made for confusing gameplay when pairing them with adult Mario and Luigi.  This game takes that away and lets you play as Bowser on the other screen instead.  While I enjoy th...

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A fun light gun shooter wrapped in the world of Resident Evil 0

My biggest praise for this game is that I would absolutely recommend it to any and all fans of the Resident Evil series.  With the exception of Resident Evil 4, I have found it difficult in recent years to replay any of the older games in the franchise.  Despite fond memories and countless hours playing all of the old games, I found it increasingly difficult to put up with the games puzzles, inventory system, tank controls, and shooting mechanics (or lack thereof).  I actually found Darkside Chr...

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Everything you loved about the original and then some 0

I loved No More Heroes, which made me nervous about playing this game.  Since this game doesn't do much different than the first one, I was worried that I would experience franchise burnout as I have in the past on other series.  Luckily, this game was a blast and really delivered in the way a great sequel should.  Sure, the original game had it's shortcomings, but there are few times when I sit down and have as much fun as I did throughout the entire game.  What fails to get mentioned in the re...

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A Variety of Bad Gameplay Packaged into 1 Game 0

I have never been a huge fan of Rockstar-developed games.  I tolerated GTA: Vice City as much as the next person, but have always found more to dislike in their games than I liked.  My short 2 hours with Bully was the culmination of many frustrating elements all rolled into one package.  Since I quit the game so early, I cannot intelligently comment on whether the meat of the game gets any better further down the road.  However, I will attempt to summarize the barrage of frustration that brought...

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All of the Wii Owners That Skipped this Game Were RIght 0

To put it mildly, all sales figures suggest that Zack and Wiki didn't sell very well.  While this game received a lot of buzz from the major gaming websites (notably IGN), it just didn't seem to convince enough people to give this game a try.  Having wasted a couple hours of my life on this game, I now believe that all of those Wii owners who passed this title over made the right choice.  The best way I know how to describe this game is a combination of frustrating old adventure style games (Ind...

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