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@thatonedudenick: Sorry I didn't catch you earlier - we did play on Saturday. Did you buy in?

@mexicanhatboy You're welcome to join late, but it's obviously best to get in from the start to get the full context of what you're doing. It'd be a good idea to ask your squad leader what's happening if you join in late.

We usually aim for roughly an hour - quite short as far as these things go.

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@iron1c: @jnal: @bollard: Was great to have you guys play, although I feel the mission didn't turn out like I'd hoped. Sorry about the long preamble as well - we haven't had an issue in months and got complacent, haha.

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@alexw00d: Wow, so mean Alex.

Hi peoples, I just joined the steam group. I've been a fan of arma for a few years now, but I always felt I was missing out by not having a bigger group of people to play with. Until now I've just did small coop stuff with friends or jumped into random games.

I'm in the middle of my final exams at Uni, but I look forward to joining in with the group in another few weeks. I'm especially keen to see what people do with this Zeus stuff.

Good luck on your exams man, looking forward to playing with you!

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@hero_swe: Who has been blabbin' that they're "good"?

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@hero_swe: whoa, it certainly has been a while. Sure, come on back!

OMG I'm totally interested. Give me a reason to play this game cuz those altis life servers are fucking stupid.

is there a way to subscribe to updates from the group? so I know when stuff is going down?

If you happen to be online when we post notifications it'll pop up. Unfortunately you're just gonna have to check yourself otherwise, but we do our best to keep things at the same time each week anyway, so barring complications we will always be playing Arma at 3pm EST on Saturdays.

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@subjugation: The game is quite stable now comparing to both the Beta and the Alpha, and a hell of a lot of features have been added too. Zeus is fantastic for one.

We don't use ACE - it still doesn't exist for Arma 3. There was a couple pretty poor ACRE releases but now the big thing for radio is Task Force Radio, which we do use. Which reminds me, I should edit my original post with that fact!

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@iron1c: If we're talking a matter of 10-20 minutes late, you may not miss much. Usually that time is taken up by us doing a briefing, picking loadouts, and planning things a bit.

If you do come late, it's not a big deal really but you might be a little lost as to what is going on.

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@thatonedudenick: Yeah, probably going to not be a sale for a while yet unfortunately. Maybe when they release some of their planned payed DLC it'll get marked down, but there's no real ETA on that.

@iron1c said:

I own ArmA 3 since the early access release but always lacked a group of people to play with and have absolutely no experience (played the first episode of the campaign, I guess?) but this sounds interesting and is at a time I could easily attend (thank you for choosing a EU friendly time as well!). I've watched some of the stream and for example have no idea how the channel stuff on the radio etc. etc. works but I'd be into learning some ArmA. I've joined the Steam group and if I'm not too anxious too join because I'm scared I will fuck everything up, I might give it a go!

Nah there's no chance you can fuck everything up, so don't sweat that. The game has quite the reputation for being some sort of incredibly complicated experience, but I don't think it's really that hard. I think just about anyone can pick it up fairly easily. We can help you with the radio and anything else you're not sure about.

@thurbleton and @darksaw who are the two mainly featured in that stream are quite experienced so it may give the image that we're super hardcore, but the other squad in that particular session has significantly less time with the series, so you'll be in good company in learning.

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@bollard: Awesome! Would be happy to see you there.

@MeatsofEvil We could fairly easily move it to 4pm sometimes if that helps at all? Hope you can make it in any case.

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Hi! Just letting you guys know that there's an Arma 3 Giant Bomb group that meets every weekend to play on a private server, and that if you'd like to join in we'd love to have you. We usually run them around 3pm EST on Saturdays - a compromise to establish a reasonable time for both EU and NA players. We aren't a super hardcore group, but we do play the game tactically. We like to get the job done but hopefully have a laugh doing it.

Lately we've been having a lot of fun with Zeus. For those who don't know, this is a recent mode added to Arma where up to two people become what is essentially the dungeon master of a session. They create a storyline and scenario and modify it on the fly as the players progress through the mission. Lately myself and @gpbmike have been taking turns running story-based campaigns each week. @thurbleton has streamed our antics a couple times, so you can watch that here if you're interested in getting a rough idea of what we do.

Details on how to join in are always posted in the event each week on our Steam group, So join the group to be notified of what's going on week to week in Arma and whatever else Giant Bomb would like to do on a personal computer.