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GotY Twenty Baker's 'Doz

I haven't finished nearly as many of these as I'd like to, but I've had a bad habit this year of nearly finishing a game and then going right back to my #1 pick.

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  • I have played this game longer than any other game ever - all in the span of one year - and I'm still pretty bad at it. I could try to explain how or why either of those things have come about, but I don't know. I just don't know.

  • I could gush a lot about the combat, and the story, and the art, but I'll just leave it at saying that I COULD gush about those things. The sole problem this game has is that a large chunk of fairly unremarkable content sits between the player and some of the most inspired and incredible sequences ever found in a game. Even so, this is easily my game of the year... Or, WOULD be, if not for the eternal spectre that inhabits my #1 spot and also my dreams.

  • Turns out all Conviction really needed was a few key tweaks and some extremely talented level designers to turn that whole series around. Multiplayer is a blast too.

  • This game hit me in that spot where only Zelda can reach, but this one with a certain force that I had been lacking the past few years. Item renting is an absolute genius change that appalled me before I experienced it.

  • Columbia is an incredible place to explore, and Elizabeth is an excellent character to do it with. I probably diminished my experience with this game by playing on hard for some godforsaken reason.

  • A large part of my enjoyment of this game came from the awe over the incredible mirror-image world that they've brought to life with such realism - and the characters therein. Bathing in that feeling made the less exciting parts a lot more fun.

    GTA:O retroactively soured my experience with this game, as I booted the game proper up on several occasions to finish the story and instead foolishly spent the next two hours trying to make the online work. Not a fun time right there.

  • Thought I'd lost interest along with everyone else, but then they go ahead and make an excellent AC game again. The out-of-animus stuff is really quite hilarious as well.

  • Initially this game not being made by Japanese crazy people kind of bummed me out, but I soon learned to appreciate it upon it's own merits. The combat had a brand new and really fun skill curve of it's own, and the visual design was enough to string me along the game's length all the way to completion.

  • This is the token surprise late entry. Makes you feel like a pro fresh out of the tutorial, which ignited a fiercer interest in the sport than I thought I had in me. Pretty sure it's made my real game better too... Or worse, depending on how many swerve shots I try and fail at in a given frame.

  • It's a real shame this game has had so many troubles, because the little while there when I could put up with it's relatively broken state provided me world class fun-times with guns and friends. If not for all it's technical issues, this would be the best shooter to come along in a very long time.