Top 10 JRPG's

Just a matter of personal choice. Feel free to disagree with this list as everybody has their favorites. I know I missed some classic's but not every classic appealed to me or I missed it at the time (like Secret of Mana) and I still need to get around to playing it.

List items

  • Not very original, but there is a reason why it is at the top of many people their list. Finished the game multiple times and can still pick it up and love it. The music to this day instantly draws me back into the game.

  • Unjustly overlooked game. At times I rate it even higher then FF VII. It's highly emotional and the story is excellent.

  • While it never came out in Europe I got this import and am glad I did. One of the best stories around and very creepy vibe. And one of the few games I never beat, despite my best effort. I just could not finish the final boss last stage (my bad!).

  • Another classic, one I guess a lot of people list as their best JRPG if they don't list either FF VII or Secret of Mana. I love it, but as I picked it up after my childhood it never had the impact as some others. Still it's a brilliant RPG and I love a lot!

  • Okay, okay it's a strategy RPG, but still. The story and characters are beyond funny and the combat and leveling system has so much depth. This is the ultimate grind-RPG in my opinion. Later versions don't live up to the first part.

  • Probably not the best known RPG. While at it's time it was Sony's 'Final Fantasy Killer'. It even had a similar death-scene. To be frank it was deadly boring for the first disc. But after that it picked up speed and the story really ended in such a way that it made a lasting impact. Overall vibe again being a huge factor here. Prob. highly dated now.

  • Talking about dated games. Wild Arms is probably one of those as well. But the first game has such a great vibe with the music, sprites and the Anime cutscenes. The story was a bit generic, but the in world exploration was kinda original.

  • One of the last truly great Final Fantasy titles in the series. I know people prefer to pick XII or VI (aside from VII). But I liked the way they kinda took a step back from the more realistic art-style Final Fantasy was heading. The story in the end was a bit generic and it doesn't hold a candle to VII. But - as with a lot of these games for me - the vibe was there. Al through when playing it I probably wouldn't always have said that. It's more in retrospect.

  • Pokemon for grownups? Yep it is, and the game was way to short. But it had such a nice lush-green artstyle. Like you where playing something from Studio Ghibli. Al through the art-style was different. It's one of the shortest and also most fun mini RPG's I ever played. I even liked the collection of monsters bit. Something I normally never get into.

  • Grandia II starts so slow and I will admit when it finally picked up speed I did at some point stop playing due to a reason I can't remember now and as such never finished it. What I liked about it however is that the main character generally is just not a nice likable guy. Not in a badly designed kind of way, but he was generally made to not be a 'hero' and it works wonders for spicing the game up. No emo stuff either. He's just a bit of a dick and he knows it. Made for a much more interesting game.