Why is Facebook Becoming Less Popular?

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Facebook is the most popular social media platform in the globe with the mammoth of the user database. However, this social media giant facing lots of troubles in passing years such as data breaches, Russian trolls, and Congressional hearings. But still, Facebook is the king of the social media kingdom.

However, according to the new survey data collected by market survey firm Edison Research. Facebook's days may perhaps be numbered, as per the survey Facebook’s user base is on reduction, mainly in the popular 12- to 34-year-old demographic in the USA, which is the most profitable market of Facebook. This could be alarming news for Facebook.

In the survey, it is found that Facebook users reduced by 15 million since 2017 and it is for the first time ever the usage of Facebook went down. Here in this post, we will describe the reasons why Facebook's popularity is going down.

Increased Distrust of Facebook

2017-2018 hasn’t been a good year for Facebook as an organization. The media has constantly targeted Facebook’s role in the world of “bogus news.” When you link this with the company’s other mistakes in the area of privacy and liability, you will end up with an atmosphere where the users of this social media giant may not completely trust the intentions and role of folks that run the platform. As per data breaches allegations, Facebook has access too many users' essential personal data, photos, and other personal things which leads to the drop in trust. It becomes the major reason for a drop in usage of Facebook. Moreover, this problem of Facebook can’t be resolved with the Facebook help center. As this happened at a high level.

Increased Disinterest in Facebook

Without a doubt, the reduced trust in Facebook is the main reason among others. And it leads to the first-ever Facebook reduction in usage in America. However, there is another explanation is that this descent signifies a normal shifting of users to other parts of the Facebook ecosystem. While Facebook’s usage falloffs, Instagram’s usage continues to hike upward, as the number of people constantly using Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp. However, the main drop saw among young Americans ages 12 to 24 and it is the biggest drop in usage of Facebook ever in history.

According to Jay Beer (an award-winning Internet pioneer) tweet,

Distrust. Discord. Disinterest. These are the 3 causes for Facebook’s 8% decline in usage.

As Facebook usage went down, Instagram and WhatsApp and Messenger usage march up since they offer a more personalized experience. As social media evolve, it is common for users to drop toward one or more platforms which offer an extra specific experience; that is more significant. Therefore, some people move toward Instagram and other available options.

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