A List Of Games I Have Yet To Give A Specific Name To

This is a list of games I have yet to give a specific name to. When I figure out what this list is about, I'll name it properly. It has something to do with PS2 games specifically & games I have played in some form, be it demo or rental. That's all I know for now.

List items

  • Amazing game. I haven't beat it though. I need to go back and play it sometime. Awesome Cold song.

  • I was on the Street Team for this game. I had a bunch of stickers, trailer DVDs & 2 t-shirts that were too small. Oh, also a demo disc.

  • Here's a game I rented a long time ago. I remember liking it.

  • I bought the movie on DVD right when it came out, which was a while before I ever played the game. I liked this game too. I wasn't buying many games during the PS2 heyday.

  • I'll have to go back and play the demo, but I remember this game was pretty good. Just a neat little shooter.

  • This game is also great. It's the only game on this list I have beat.

  • All I remember from the demo was... Ragdoll!

  • I remember the first time I played the demo for this, thinking blind fire was awesome. Apparently so did Cliff Bleizinski.

  • I have a demo for this. It's probably the demo I have played the most ever. Tiger-man!

  • I debated if I should put any 1st party games on this list or not. As you can see, I did one. This one. Great art style.

  • Now here's a game with a great art style. They made a TV show based on this game that I, nor probably anybody watched.

  • I think I have this on a demo disc. From what I remember about this, it was a tile-based, turn-based game. I also remember liking it a lot.

  • I have this on a demo disc. It's like Ghosts N Goblins, but not, but is.

  • A pretty neat game. Is someone in your squad crazy? Maybe they are infected! Nobody knows! Spooky!

  • A game that is somewhat similar to The Thing. This was one of the first PS2 games I played. I liked it, but I remember not being any good at it.

  • A demo for this game came with my first PS2. It was the demo I played the most on that disc, I believe.