Games That Should Be On PS2 Classics On PSN

Now that PS2 games are showing up on the PS3 via PSN, here is a list of PS2 games that should be released on PSN. I read that they will be focusing on releasing games that were exclusive to the PlayStation 2 platform, so I will too. I'm also gonna assume licensed sports & driving games are also not going to be used. Lastly, I won't be including any 1st party games I believe COULD be made into some sort of HD collection like Jak or Ratchet.

I hope they also continues releasing PS1 games as well, cuz Tomba isn't out yet in North America.

List items

  • What a great game. I think this has a very good chance of showing up. Was also released on the PSP in 2006.

  • This was released via Eidos uner the Fresh Games label, so I guess Square Enix owns it now? I could see people going crazy if this came out.

  • Another FRESH game. Not as popular as Mr Mosquito, but I bet it also has many fans.

  • The first Maximo is out... I guess this one is a given.

  • This is a 1st party game I decided probably won't be released in any collections. It also was pretty well under the radar, so a PS2 Classics release would be cool.

  • This is the sequel to Mark of Kri. I've never played this one, but if Mark Of Kri does indeed come out, this one is a lock.

  • I seems they went weird for the first batch. Might as well go weirdest.

  • Here's a tough choice. I could see them releasing them as downloads, BUT I can see some sort of HD Collection. Capcom hasn't done any of those yet though, so... who knows. Two Capcom games are already on PSN for download, so... again, who knows.

  • Everything I said about Devil May Cry applies here as well. Will this be released in some sort of set? Probably not. Downloadable version would be neat.

  • 1st party game. Amazing game.

  • Another 1st party game. Not as great, but pretty cool.