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70% (or more) of gaming performance is tied to the Graphics card. While Radeon cards generally tax your Power Supply more than GeForce cards do, your card is probably around 20 watts, not much at all(I looked at a HD 4350 as I couldn't find info on 4200). You should check your power supply first, a GTX 960 requires 120 watts, while a 970 requires 150ish.

You should also look into upgrading your RAM. You don't really need as much as 16gb, but I would definitely upgrade to 8.

Your CPU seems decent enough, but I haven't checked any benchmarks. In any case, you can't really upgrade the CPU without upgrading your motherboard as well, at which point you might as well buy a new computer.

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Okay, which Podcast were you listening to again? The only "defense" of Fallout I heard came from Austin, and it was a tepid admission that he found certain aspects of the game more appealing than the others, but he still saw their point. Brad, who delivered the "expected" argument, was sort of ambivalent about it and Jeff was very much against it being on the top 10 list, because he found it disappointing. The rest didn't really say anything of substance and the only really nice thing I heard was about Nick Valentine. I don't think anyone in that room would self-identify as an authority of Fallout, nor would any serious analysis of their discussion suggest that any of them acted in such a manner.

For the record, I like both the old and new Fallout games, and it's disappointing that the story in 3 & 4 are not as good as 2 was, but I still genuinely enjoyed Fallout 4 for the exploration aspect.

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Here are a few movies I liked/disliked this year:

Best Star Wars Movie - Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens

Best Actual Sci-Fi Movie - The Martian

Best Franchise Revival - Mad Max: Fury Road

Worst Franchise Revival that made enough money to fund a trilogy - Jurassic World

Best/Worst/Most Middling Superhero Movie - Avengers: Age of Ultron or Antman

Third Best Daniel Craig Bond Movie - Spectre

Movie I Want To See - Hateful 8

Movie I Probably Should've Seen, But Didn't - Creed

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With the Bombcast and now the Beastcast going every week, my podcast needs are met. I don't really care about wrestling or formula 1, though I have heard a few of those too.

I guess a movie podcast with Alex and Rorie (and guests) would get an infrequent listening from me.

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No, just unofficially.

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I am sure it was a C64 game, although my first memory that really resonates with me to this day is of Super Mario Bros. on my NES. I think that's part of the reason why I just spent $270 on a Wii U with Mario Maker, Super Smash and Mario Tennis.

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Yeah, I think it's due to a number of factors. For one, the story isn't as interesting, or at least not as present as in previous MGS games. The cutscenes are fewer and far between, and there aren't many villains or bosses. It's less interesting to watch, though a lot of fun to play.

Drew is also much better at the game and there are fewer points of "frustration", which in turn makes for fewer points of amusement for the audience.

I think I've substituted watching Metal Gear Scanlon with watching Mario Maker Mornings, though I fully intend to watch all of Metal Gear Scanlon before GOTY rolls around.

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I've played for 30ish hours now, but haven't really touched the main quest. I have seen a lot of different enemies, though Raiders are perhaps more common than the rest.

The problem with the Draugr was that the game insisted on sending you on quests in Draugr dungeons. Every major quest line forces you through Draugr ruins at least once.

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Considering that I'll start playing on day of release, I doubt there will be a substantial volume of mods to choose from, especially when considering that the official tools will be a few months off. I know that's not important for most serious modders, but I usually tweak the game some using them(like reducing the karma bonus for killing fiends and ghouls in New Vegas, or make it so I could temper all armor in Skyrim). I know that most modders don't care about the official tools, but I don't expect them to create amazing mods without looking at the base game first. I'd love a Project Boston/Massachusetts/New England, in the vein of Project Nevada, but I'll wait.

I'll definitely play with mods, but I'll wait until I've played through the vanilla game first, and give the community a few weeks/months to come up with something fantastic.

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I would definitely want to see Greg Kasavin play any game, but I think the 12 hour marathon is more of the Elder Scrolls thing.