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Weird dream

Alright I usually have my worst dreams in the morning and that's what usually wakes me up. Today was no different. My dream as I remember it began with me waking, going to the bathroom, taking a bottle of pills from the cabinet, and downing it while putting my mouth next to the faucet for water. I began choking on one of the pills and trying to get more water to get it through my throat. I then woke up gasping for air. Very weird dream haha but nothing beats the day I had sleep paralasys while sleeping on my towel at the beach. I remember not being able to move while some guy started calling me names. His friends laughed as he cursed at me and I couldnt get up or do anything about it. That was strange never fall asleep in the sun people!


I just logged in after a year and a half

Now i'm back after a long while. I remember creating this account when this site first got on and then it totally slipped my mind. I've been a frequent user of but after being kicked off of there and banned many times im done with them. They wont let me express myself the way I want too, so im done with that. Anyways I have some burgers from yesterday(SUPERBOWL SUNDAY) heating up in the microwave, im hungry this morning. So anyways its good to be back even though all my old friends on here dropped me which was suspected w/e though im ready for new ones. PEACE!