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Favorite Franchises

I like these franchises. I put the reasoning why below.

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  • Lightsabers, blasters, good, evil. Always fun stuff.

  • A bit too corny and secular, but otherwise an interesting franchise.

  • People always complain about how the web swinging is the only good thing about these games, but that's the only reason I play them.

  • I liked the original games better. Really scary music and terrible controls made for one heck of a combination.

  • Don't know why I like MK so much. The story is dumb and the characters are shallow. I suppose front flips and uppercutting people never gets old.

  • There aren't many Jurassic Park games out there, but every one I've played so far has been a winner. Nostalgia runs high in this franchise.

  • I'm not sure if I actually liked playing any of the Metal Gear Solid games. I think I just enjoyed it for the story and the crazy boss battles.

  • Tornadoes in New York City.

  • These games are tough. Never did get the flow of it down, nor develop a strategy.

  • I love the Total War games. The gameplay isn't as deep and as interesting as the developer would have you think, but conquering the world with thousands of tiny soldiers is always fun.

  • I only play this murder simulator to brush up on my assault rifle skills. I can shoot a perfect bullseye every time from almost any distance thanks to GTA.

  • Played Age of Empires 2 for hours when I was a kid, until my disc drive ate my disc and broke my computer.

  • I love everything about Warcraft except its life-ruining capabilities.

  • Criterion took the only thing I like about racing games (crashing into other people) and made a whole franchise about it. Burnout is probably the only racing franchise that I'll play willingly and enjoy.

  • Nothing like having to stop in Salt Lake City every game because everyone else died of hunger and diarrhea.

  • An interesting program. Never really did make anything big with it though.

  • Punching highway cops in the face at 100 mph.

  • Like Metal Gear Solid, this was played for the story, not the game.

  • The first game was magic.

  • Star Wars: Battlefront is kind of like the Total War games, come to think of it. Nothing deep or interesting about it, but conquering the galaxy with dozens of little soldiers never got old.

  • Never did have the patience to figure out the absolute best way to complete every mission. Most of the time, it started with me trying, slipping, and then having to gun my way out.