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The Incredible Hulk Review 0

The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction is the game tie-in to the latest movie in the franchise. The game loosly follows the story of the movie but it adds unnecessary sections of gameplay while trying to further the story. The biggest problem with the game is the controls. They don't feel right as if they were made for a different controller. While the in-game graphics aren't that bad, the poorly modeled characters in cut-scenes really make this game seem like a last-gen title. The Game Promi...

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Dark Ressurection Just Misses Joining the Few Great PSP Classics 1

           Tekken: Dark Resurrection continues the same combo-style fighting system that many others have done before, but this time around the developer had to deal with the PSP's control limitations. With only 4 face buttons and a not-so-precise d-pad, there were some hiccups. One way that this game compensates for its problems is a very in-depth character customization and a new mode called Tekken Dojo. Essentially Tekken Dojo is played like you are a new fighter working your way up through t...

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