AlexW00d's GOTY Blog - 2012 Edition

As is now a yearly tradition... I have decided to write my GOTY stuff in an actual fashion, and not just list 10 games I liked.

2012’s 2011 Game of the Year - Dungeons of Dredmor

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Whilst having actually purchased and attempted to play this game sometime near its release date in 2011, I didn’t really get into it, but then some point in the early months of this year I tried again - I think due to the release of some free DLC - and I really, really enjoyed my time with it. It was essentially my first real foray into Roguelikes, and I think the slight comedy aspects of it complemented the game, and made it easier to get into for someone with no real roguelike experience. I managed to get through the whole 15 levels of dungeons and defeat Dredmor himself, which was pretty great.

Runner-Up: MoW: Assault Squad

Most Realistically Depicted Decapitation of the Year - Chivalry

Chivalry was a game I was totally uninterested in for a while, as it came around just after War of the Roses (which I ended up feeling mostly ‘eh’ about, even though hyping it up to myself for like a year) and from the start it kinda looked like a buggy mess, and even now after playing it, it definitely seems to be a case people just spamming the mouse button hoping for the best, instead of something quite sophisticated like the M&B or WotR system. But even with all that aside, one of the areas Chivalry definitely succeeds in is decapitations. Never has the concept of heads being separated from bodies been so morbidly fun to watch/do; even when it happens to you, you still see from your character’s eyes as you roll away from your body

Runner-Up: Dishonoured and being able to throw said lopped off heads at the enemy

Best New Character - Vaas

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Vaas is a great character: he’s crazy, intense, a talented wordsmith, and he gives no fucks. You never know quite what will happen when he’s about, you never quite know what he’s gonna do, and I’m not entirely sure he is ever fully aware of what his next move will be. The incredible performance put into the character by his voice actor and likeness Michael Mando is really what sets Vaas out though. The levels of passion put into every moment is outstanding, and as Ubisoft let him have essentially free-reign over the character, he was really able to carve him into exactly what he was going for. And oh how it worked. It’s a shame he’s not in the game a lot though.

Runner-Up: The drugged up Doctor.

Best PC Only Game/Best Looking game - Wargame: European Escalation

I figure I should combine these two categories, as one kind of leads to the other anyway. Eugen Systems really put a lot of love into this game, it runs really well, it’s near enough bug free - I've yet to encounter any - it’s huge, there are deep mechanics, and it looks outstanding due to the high resolution of all of the textures, and the implementation of DX11. The game really makes work of all the resources a PC will give it, and in a year with numerous ‘shoddy’ ports, it’s a welcome change.

Runner-Up: Crusader Kings 2

Most Disappointing Game - Darkness 2/Spec Ops.

I know having two things ‘winning’ this category is kinda dumb, but hear me out. Darkness 2 is a pretty decent game, but my god, this game was coded terribly. It’s full of bugs, crashes all the time, and is all around pants for a game coming out in 2012. I wanted to play this game, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. A shame cause I enjoyed the gameplay, and it I enjoyed the art style.

How are you meant to play with that bloom?
How are you meant to play with that bloom?

Now Spec Ops, this was a game I bought because of all the hype surrounding it, how it was all emotional and took you through a journey. Now, I will say it first, I really, really do not like cover based third person shooters, they aren't fun, at all. But that’s ok, I saw past that, I saw the past the fact that the game was super easy, even on the hardest difficulty, but the fact that the one reason I bought the game was near to non-existent... I could not see past that. The characters transformed throughout the game, that was pretty cool to watch, but the emotional story? What emotion? The whole plot ‘twist’ at the end could have been done really well, but in this instance it wasn't The one moment I saw mentioned the most - after I played it of course - just seemed to be over the top to make me feel bad, I guess, but the fact that it was inevitable just ruined that. I dunno, maybe I just can’t get attached to bad characters in games, but either way this was a disappointment for me.

Runner-Up: The Walking Dead - bug-ridden mess, and a lacklustre emotional pay-out.

Genre I Found by Accident and Now Love - Grand Strategy

Now I spent countless hours this year playing Grand Strategy games this year, had someone asked me if I expected this to happen last year I would probably have laughed, “Pah, graphs, charts, and spreadsheets, what kind of nerd do you think I am?” Well it turns out I am the kind of nerd who likes graphs, charts, and spreadsheets. I’m still not entirely sure what it is about these games that I enjoy so much, but I can get so engrossed in them, putting many, many hours in Europa Universalis 3, Crusader Kings 2, and Victoria 2 all so far this year. I attempted to put some time into Hearts of Iron 3 as well, but that game is really something, I've not felt quite so overwhelmed by a game since that time I played a weekend of EVE. But I will try, maybe.

Next year seems like another year full of Grand Strategy too, with Europa Universalis 4 and East Vs West coming out and opposite ends of the year.

Runner-Up: Nothing

Bargain of the Year - 1C Mega-Pack

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This was a pack I noticed back in April, a pack of ~90 games, almost all unknown to me, for a mere £17.04. Now at the time, this was a pack worth £1000, being offered for about £150, and then further discounted down to £17.04, which is ~20p a game. Even without knowing what 90% of the games were, I knew they were mostly Russian, and as such, could not be passing up this deal. And you know what, 75% of the games were bad, or at least, old, and not good. But the 25% that were good, were good. The Men of War games - more on that below - Cryostasis, Death to Spies, You Are Empty, Pathologic, NecroVisioN, and even King’s Bounty. All of those legit games, some even really damn good. And even the ones that weren't good, some were an experience, some were weird as hell, some were really terrible, and some made me super angry. They spurred me on to write a blog series as well, although I did give up 2/3 of the way through. It was definitely I purchase I am glad I was able to make.

Runner-Up: ?

Best Surprise - Men of War Franchise

Contrary to this, MoW is pretty great.
Contrary to this, MoW is pretty great.

Now, Men of War was one of the 2 game series I knew of from the above pack before purchasing, and as such one I was looking forward to playing. The whole series - minus Condemned Heroes as it hadn't released at that point - was a part of the pack, so I was able to play through them all and see the progression through the series. Whilst Assault Squad is clearly the best game of the series, the first game remains my favourite due to the mission structure, and the insane shenanigans it allows. Finishing missions with a single unit, scavenging AT cannons and grenades, or fixing up lone tanks and then using them to destroy the remaining enemies, these were some of the greatest and most ridiculous moments I had in videogames all year.

Runner-Up: Far Cry 3 not being terrible.

The Best Use of Press Button To X - Chivalry - Press C to AAARRRRRRRRRRGH

Whilst essentially a useless feature, it’s generally the useless features that are the best. Hitting C to yell screams to elicit terror, courage, honour, and seemingly alcoholism; this was definitely one of my favourite features this year.

Runner-Up: AC3: Press B to pet.

Best Game This Year - Wargame: EE

Now, I already proclaimed a love for the technical aspects of this games up above - the fact that it’s well coded and looks beautiful - now I will explain why I think it was the best game this year. The game has the perfect balance of realism - both historical and mechanical - and fun gameplay that gives everything a real sense of worth, as if your actions actually mean something, and do something; and it leaves you with a brilliant sense of accomplishment.

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I am a sucker for lore and factual depth, so the insane levels of realism and historical fact brought in for the vehicles and units was definitely something that I liked, and I have spent a significant amount of time looking through the unit roster.

The campaign has a varied mixture of objectives too; a nice mix between capturing points, liberating towns, defending from attacks, etc, and every mission has multiple secondary objectives, which lead to you collecting more command stars - the currency with which you unlock more vehicles. Now I’m not very good at RTS games, so I haven’t been able to see every single mission in the game, especially as I they recently added 6/7 new missions to the game, but that just means I can keep on playing as time goes on. Or well, ‘til the sequel comes out sometime next year.

Game I Played The Most - EU3

As I said above, the game genre I played the most throughout this entire year was Grand Strategy, and the game that spearheaded that was Europa Universalis 3, which was also my first grand strategy game. Now, when people ask me what the game is like, I never know what to say, and I mumble about stuff and end up saying it’s a bit like Civ, but really, Civ is Draughts to EU’s Chess. It’s the most all-round and least specific of Paradox’s Grand Strategy games, with a focus on general ruling of your country, with in-depth systems governing trade, economy, relations, war etc. You can play in a multitude of ways, become a trade republic and rule with riches, wage war on your neighbours and conquer, or even play diplomatically and ally with powerful nations and reap the benefits.

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I played three different campaigns over the past year: first I played as the Habsburg ruled Duchy of Austria, and conquered the surrounding areas forming Austria-Hungary and going on to vassalise Bohemia. The second time I played as Denmark, going on to form Scandinavia, and colonise the entirety of the Northern two thirds of North America, and even take a bit of Northern Germany. Lastly, and also currently, I am trying to take Muscovy on to form the Russian Empire, and I am part of the way there, but Lithuania decided to conquer half of the nomadic tribes to the east, and as such hindered by progress.

It’s so easy to get engrossed in this game, which is how I spent so much of my time this playing it, turn off the in game music, put on some post-metal, and kick-back and conquer.


GB Gaming Hub: Community-Created Gamenight Videos Edition.

If you aren’t aware of the Community Gaming Hub, this is we and you can be we too, just join our Steam group - great for getting notifications of gamenights, and an overall event schedule - or pop in the webchat here, make yourself at home and chat with all the friendly duders populating it at all times of the day - good old timezones.


As you may have seen, we have a collective Youtube account - GiantbombSquad - for our Shenanigans we inherited from the generous . A few of us Bombers like to record some of the dumb shit we get up to in the various games we play, and then immortalise it in the form of videos uploaded to Youtube. This is where I come in; in this here blog post - and further posts - I will show you, the general viewing public, the breadth of our videos. (You should subscribe to that btw ;D)

Battlefield 3

We have several of videos for our Battlefield 3 nights, one of the most popular so far is this; a 31 man 3 round Mexican Standoff, complete with .44 Magnum - this video came from our first Crazynight, a night dedicated to unconventional means of having fun in Battlefield 3, on our dedicated Giant Bomb server - of which you can receive notifications from our standalone group here.

Another one from the Crazynight is this EOD bot war we had on top of a building, in the middle of the Operation Firestorm map.

Crazynights aren’t all we do though, regular Bombing Runs are the place for serious play, like this tank video from .

A cool little Admin Tool Mod popped up amongst the servers allowing for a Zombie mode, I recorded a round of that here:

Super Monday Night Combat

User created a wonderful montage of our latest Super Monday Night Combat bombing run showing that third person MOBA goodness.

Resistance and Liberation (Open Beta 1.6)

User likes him some Half Life 2 mods, and this is a weird World War 2 pseudo-simulation.

Watch to the end for something you wouldn’t expect from this game.

Arma 2

You know what we all like? ARMA 2. We have been playing this game as long as we have been playing Battlefield, and it produces some of the most impromptu video footage of any of the games.

First we have a video of the last Bombing Run we had; and rolling in, getting things done.

And here we have a closer look at that bicycle in the intro of that previous video, that was causing such a fuss, and some footage of molesting a tree with a Blackhawk, and then successfully not killing anyone.

And then we have that one time where we all ran for an Osprey then flew some whilst carrying an LAV, because physics.

Mount and Blade: Napoleonic Wars

This is a recent mod for Warband that allows you to use muskets and other 18th century weapons. We were all skirmishing on a random server and a server Admin noticed our GBSQ tags, and he challenged us to a 'linebattle', us not knowing what on earth that was, we were super excited for it; this is what happened.

That’s it for today’s entry, I will probably make another one next month, to see what’s been up in the world of videogames with the Gaming Hub.

As a closing note, if you play any of our future gamenights, and capture yourselves some decent footage, let me - or any of us in the chat/mumble - know and we can help you get that up on to the channel.


  • If you know your IRC and use yourself a desktop client, you can find us at #gb_gaming_hub on Quakenet, or use the webchat version linked above
  • We also have ourselves a Voice server [program: Mumble] that we all use for Gamenight and for general conversing; feel free to drop in whenever you like. IP= / Port= 64738
  • If you use that big ol’ thing called Twitter, you can follow our account for announcements on what we’re playing.

The 1C Complete Pack and Me. Real Warfare 2: The Northern Crusade

Real Warfare 2: Northern Crusades is the sequel to Real Warfare 1242.


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Real Warfare 2 is an RTS with Total War like battles, but a Mount and Blade style map screen. You play as a knight of the Teutonic Order, who was exiled from the holy lands for sinning; you have been seen to North Eastern Europe to eliminate the Pagans from Prussia and to conquer the lands for your own - a premise I don’t particularly like.

The game didn’t seem to be particularly optimised - myself only managing 20 fps on the map screen, and 30 on the battle screen - but the game itself was well presented, with some nice effects, and decent textures and character models; although the UI seemed a tad cluttered, but I imagine if you were serious about the game you’d be using keyboard shortcuts anyway.

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The reason I compare this to Mount and Blade is because you can roam around the map screen, trading, recruiting mercenaries, and visiting towns in a similar fashion; you even get your own castle, although this is right at the beginning of the game. As you progress through the story campaign, you collect more and more land - of which you can claim taxes on - whilst defeating the ‘dirty pagans of the north’ - no-one’s words.

No Caption Provided

The game starts you out with 120 inexperienced foot soldiers, and your own 20 man cavalry guard, and your first battle is against a band of robbers with a similar amount of units as yourself. This battle I won easily, I let the enemy attack my foot soldiers, and then I charged with my cavalry and decimated them. After this, I was tasked with defeating another group of robbers, but as I had no money, and no way to make money I had to take on an army three times the size of mine, and whilst I gave ‘em as good as they gave me, it left me with all my units dead, and them at half size, so that was it, the end of my campaign in the North.


The 1C Complete Pack and Me. Rig'n'Roll.

So this is Rig'n'Roll, a more modern Trucking Simulator, similar to Hard Truck: King of the Road, a game I played earlier on.

Дальнобойщики 3: Покорение Америки

So to start, the US box-art for this game has a dude with a mullet on, so I guess that sets the tone for this blog. The aim of the game is to become the best trucker in the entire California/Nevada area, expanding your own business as you go.

Much like last time I have recorded some time of me playing this game - not in any sort of serious manner, surprisingly.


The 1C Complete Pack and Me. RC Cars

RC Cars is a racing game where you race as a remote controlled car.


There’s not really much to say about this game that I didn’t say above; it’s a game where you race around tracks controlling a remote controlled car trying to dodge things you would usually encounter on a beach: seagulls, people, buckets etc.

The menu system in this game is the absolute worst thing in the world; it takes about a minute to get to each separate part of the menu, and due to this, it takes like 3 minutes to get into a race - it angered me every time. SO ANGRY.

I don’t really have much to talk about this crappy game, here’s some screenshots.

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

The 1C Complete Pack and Me. Planet Alcatraz.

Planet Alcatraz is a sci-fi pausable-combat RPG game in a similar vein to Jagged Alliance: Back in Action and 7.62mm High Calibre.


This game also has the worst goddamn voice acting I have ever heard; half the characters sound over the top English, and the rest sound like someone doing a bad impression of a Central African person.

You play as an inmate of a prison, possibly named Planet Alcatraz, and the ship ferrying you crash lands, and you’re the only survivor; you are attacked by natives for little to no reason, and you punch them to death. The game tells you to pick some potatoes out of the ground to regain HP, and then you are quad-teamed by 4 enemies with guns and you die straight away. GAME OVER.

Not having much to really write about this game, here is a video showing how godawful the voice acting is.


The 1C Complete Pack and Me. Pathologic.

Pathologic is a first person action/adventure game developed by Ice-Pick Lodge, the studio who developed last year’s Cargo! The Quest for Gravity.


This seems like a weird game; it was very well received in Russia for its atmosphere and style, and it seems a bit like Vampire: the Masquerade: Bloodlines with its world layout and art stylings. It also has similar graphical weirdness to Thief Deadly Shadows, so I am thinking it’s maybe the same engine.

Anyway this is a 7 year old first person game and the graphics have not aged well at all, so it made the game difficult to sit through, so I don’t have too many first hand details. I do know that the game is about a town, whose residents fall sick to a lethal ailment, and you play one of three characters - each with a respective point of view on the main plot - who tries to discover the source of this ailment. The game has main quests and side quests, and you gain money to get extra equipment, so in a sense the game is an RPG, as you most certainly play a role, but there is no levelling or anything.

The three characters you can pick from are named Bachelor, Haruspex, - both male - and Devotress - female - the latter of whom you need to finish the game as one of the former to unlock.

As I don't have content for this blog I will lay out my progress in the game in screenshot format.

The game opens with you in this hall, with those three characters talking about stuff, including bound hands.
The game opens with you in this hall, with those three characters talking about stuff, including bound hands.
Then you choose a character: stern man, stern man, hippy girl with bonk eye.
Then you choose a character: stern man, stern man, hippy girl with bonk eye.
I awake in a house, interact with a microscope, follow some stairs, and find a belly dancer with a questionable haircut. She tells me about a man called Simon who I must make contact with.
I awake in a house, interact with a microscope, follow some stairs, and find a belly dancer with a questionable haircut. She tells me about a man called Simon who I must make contact with.
No Caption Provided
Then I get bored due to all these houses being locked, I figure out how to enter combat, and start a fight with Bam Margera; he promptly kicks my arse so I quit.
The End.
The last caption won't show so I had to enter it manually.

The 1C Complete Pack and Me. Off-Road Drive.

Meet Off-Road Drive, an off-roading simulator.

Slippery Uphill

No Caption Provided

This one is kind of self-explanatory really; it’s an off-roading simulator, winches and all, where you have to drive around tracks trying to set better times than other drivers. You have to control things like differentials, tire pressure, low/high ratio gears, 2wd/4wd etc, to help you cross various types of obstacle and terrain in the quickest time. You have a winch too, but it seems a bit of a janky tool, as the game chooses where to attach it, and in a specifically laid out race course that doesn’t often help.

No Caption Provided

I briefly read the synopsis/blurb on the game’s page and thought this was going to be more open-ended for some reason, and was pretty excited by that; just a field/s or an expanse or something for me to navigate at my leisure, but unfortunately not. When driving through some of the muddier mud, it has a sort of sludgy effect, and your wheels push the mud away, somewhat dynamically; it’s probably the most advanced thing the engine it’s running on does.

The game has numerous cars, each with their own stats and strengths, and numerous locations you can drive around, with their own styles. You unlock both the vehicles and the locations by gaining points in each race series - with each location having a couple - by placing nearest the top you can.

There isn’t really much else to write about this game, so I guess I’ll stop.


The 1C Complete Pack and Me. NecroVisioN.

Today we have a WW1 set FPS, but with added zombies and demons.

Bruce Willis

No Caption Provided

I had heard mostly bad things about this game prior to playing it, so I wasn’t expecting much when I loaded this game up, but after a patch to get it to run in 1920*1080, I was pleasantly surprised. You play an American - no idea why - fighting in the British Army during the battle of the Somme; your regiment is ambushed by Germans and you’re all gassed and shot down, with only you and one other survive - this leads to a cutscene which actually looked really good in parts, if a bit compressed. You see a fellow soldier become impaled by a barb-wire monster and then black out, waking up in a makeshift bunker, along with the other surviving soldier, and this is where you find out that every single Englishman is a Victorian era cockney. Words lead to fists and you end up learning the meleé system in the game, which works an awful lot like Bulletstorm, without the whip, but with the ‘combo’ system, which rewards you for getting headshots, and meleé combos, and using all your weapons etc - dumping into an enemy causes you to hold your handguns sideways and you get a reward thing called Bruce Willis. AND this came out before Bulletstorm was even an idea - those damned Americans stealing Russia’s ideas as usual. (People Can Fly are Polish, but that joke is less funny)

No Caption Provided

The weapons are kinda weird; the game has a completely redundant ADS function, where your guns are just as accurate whilst aiming down them as without, which kind of makes sense, with this being a bit of a retro shooter in a modern shooter’s body. The weapons are of course period - with maybe some weird ones later on - and you can dual wield with your handgun: so you can have dual Lugers, one Luger and one M1911, an M1911 and a spade, or even an M1911 with some dynamite. It’s a pretty good way of handling this stuff, as a lot of your enemies are slow moving zombies, so a meleé weapon is good for conversing ammo. Your character has recharging health, but only to a certain level, any higher and you have to collect medpacks, much like in Just Cause 2.

No Caption Provided

The game is pretty violent, with heads and limbs exploding here and there, leading to the game having to be cut in Germany and Australia. The enemies are kind of bullet sponges, a lot of them taking at least 2 headshots to kill, or one if you kick them to the ground first. There are also a lot of bosses, which is cool; there were two within a short space of one another right at the beginning of the game.

Overall I was kind of pleased with the game, even with the awful VA, it had a nice aesthetic to it, and it wasn’t some dumb easy FPS like we see often now. Thanks Farm 51 - who are also Polish, and two of whom worked for People Can Fly, weird.


The 1C Complete Pack and Me. Men of War.

This happens to be the second game I bought this pack for. I would have totally got around to writing this blog sooner, but already having played quite a bit of the game co-op - and really enjoying it I may add - I didn’t really know how to do this game justice in a blog; and I still don’t, but here goes anyway.

Alexey Kuznetsov

No Caption Provided

As you may have seen in a previous entry in this blog series, Men of War is the sequel to Faces of War, a game I played a couple weeks ago. The easiest way to describe this game would be to copy and paste that blog and add how Men of War is a similar game - obviously - but much more refined. That’s a terrible cop-out though, and this game is worth so much more.

So it’s an RTS - or, as people like to call it, a Real Time Tactics game - set during the second world war; you can play as the Soviets, the Nazis, and the Allies, each with their own campaign set in various parts of the world: Russia, Northern Africa, Greece, and Central Europe. You control units individually, and can group them together for ease of control, and you must complete various objectives on the battlefield, including: freeing PoWs, stealing documents, assassinating officers, sabotaging equipment, surviving enemy onslaughts, and various other things.

No Caption Provided

The units you control are only ever specialised by the equipment they are carrying; for example, a unit may be given to you as a machine-gunner, but if you need, or have to, you can ditch the machinegun and equip the unit with a rifle, or submachine gun. The same with vehicles; if you have enough men you can commandeer tanks and have your men take up each role in the tank, allowing for the optimal usage - you can still use tanks if you have less than the required amount, but you must sacrifice being able to fire your machine and main gun at the same time for example, as the men you have in the tank must fulfil all roles. Again, this is also the same for artillery; you need at least two men to be able to move a Pak-40 and be able to aim quicker.

No Caption Provided

There are two ‘flaws’ I feel I should mention although, to be perfectly honest, I don’t really think they hamper the game at all. Firstly the voice acting is mostly pretty awful, but this is only really for the intro scenes and any interim, objective explaining scene - most of which I skip anyway as my framerate gets awful whilst they play - the rest of the time the background voice work is generally in the native language of the units you are controlling. Secondly, as more importantly - but kind of less importantly too - this game is balls hard; by that I mean the opposition usually has way more units than you do, and they are fragile as you are, and you really need to be a tactical mastermind to complete the missions on anything above easy - and even then you need to be a tactical genius to complete some of them on easy. But, and this is a big ol’ but, it’s this difficulty that has lead to some of the best moments of the game. Whilst playing with dudes, we have on countless times lost all but about 3 of our units, yet gone to still wipe out the entire enemy force, or complete the objectives at hand anyway. It seems to turn into a case of crawl really far past enemies and throw either AP grenades at explosives, or AT grenades at Armour, and proceed to sprint away; or managed to repair a slightly damaged tank or Flak cannon, and managed to pummel the enemy into a wonder submission. Even though this more-than-likely isn’t the way this game is meant to be played, it’s definitely a rewarding way.

No Caption Provided

Another thing some might like, some might dislike - it’s probably fine in single player where you can save - if that some missions do take a while. Most are between 30 and 45 minutes, but some, one especially, can take much longer, almost 2 hours in one case. It was a multi-tiered mission, starting with a stealth mission to knock out some stuff - which would have helped with the later stages - which we happened to fail setting off alarms and getting generally shot. After that came an all out offensive on Nazi land, pushing really far back and then up a hill ending with a base we had to capture. The first part was fine: the battlefield was basically just two flanks to push, and we managed this bit fine, gaining units as we went; next we had to push on three fronts, but we gained the ability to call in various methods of backup, including more infantry and tanks, and strafing runs from aircraft, with these we were able to push forward to the hill. This is where we lost our first comrade; the game had been running for about an hour at this point and you know, an hour is a long time. After about 20 minutes of pushing we managed to make it past the first tier of the hill and its intertwining paths, and it’s also when the last two players dropped, leaving me on my lonesome, but thankfully, the AI kept sending its troops forward, into mostly oblivion, but it was definitely helping, as I was able to sneak off to the side with my crack units of kung-fu masters - a lot of my units had straight up ran out of ammo, as they had been alive since the beginning of the mission, so they had to meleé the enemies to death - and commandeer various flak cannons, and even at one point a Kingtiger tank, and it was thanks to these that I

No Caption Provided

managed to win. The winning moment of that match was a great one: I had managed to sneak 5 of my guys, of which only one had a weapon, over to the base - which was walled - and around the corner behind cover, I took my armed soldier, and managed to have him take out the nearest enemy soldiers with a grenade and his DP-28, and was able to keep overwatch whilst I had another of my men repair the Jagdpanther sitting next to us; I used this wonderful, wonderful tank to smash through the compound wall, take out two of the AT guns, and roll it into the middle of the yard, whilst the AI controlled units rolled in through the front door and swarmed the enemy. Then up popped the victory screen and it was glorious, glorious I tell ye. Then I realised I had been in that one single mission for 111 minutes. Which is insane. We had defeated 440 enemy units though - this wasn't even the most: in one mission the death toll was over 600.

And I think that concludes this blog; I’m not really sure whether what I wrote was what this game deserved, and it does kind of feel like I just rambled, but still: THIS GAME IS REALLY GOOD.

I have three expansion packs of its to play through too, I may or may not write some stuff about them, depends on how I feel. I wrote this after getting literally no sleep last night and working a 7-3 shift. Now I am rambling. Sayonara fools.