The 1C Complete Pack and Me. Fairytale.

So this game is a point and click adventure game, based on some Russian fairytales, hence the name, I guess.

Roman the Raven

The game opens with you in bed, with your Nan - I think - reading you a bedtime story, specifically the one about Father Frost, Ivan and Nastya. The game also opens with horrible echoey sound and this continues throughout the game, along with super jilted voice acting

You’re a girl who lives with her Father, Sister, and an evil stepmother who refers to you as a venomous viper; I can only assume she has a strong dislike for the character. I have to knit a sock, because the old bag stole my first one; what a party pooper. I went in to the house to find something to base my design on, which is weird ‘cause she just knitted one, and I found a ‘Mice’s Hole’; yep that’s right. So I find a lollipop and give it to her sister, that way I can steal her sock and copy it and knit another one. Unfortunately the sock came out half knit, and I have no more red wool, WHAT TO DO?

I had a conversation with a Rooster; it told me the sun is our master, but unfortunately yielded no wool. Next I met a Raven. A talking Raven named Roman; he was atop a scarecrow and wouldn’t let me take our own Beetroot without feeding him, so I go to ask my Father for some of his breakfast cheese (actually not a euphemism). I need to find a knife to cut this cheese, so I head out to the forest to claim the knife my father was using to dig up forest mushrooms, to then cut his cheese (also not a euphemism). So I take the cheese to the raven, I till the field as my character is too weak to pull it from the ground, and then the game crashes, and I think cool, I am ok with that.

So that was Fairytale, a children’s adventure game, marketed kids age 6 and up.