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GOTY 2012

Much like last year, I have decided to start this now, so I remember what I have played, and what was good from this year.

List items

  • An RTS from the guys who did RUSE, set during an alternate timeline Cold War. The game looks really nice, has a nice realistic feel, is pretty huge, and is really fun. Feels like a cross between Total War and maybe Men of War, but set during the Cold War.

  • Being a sneaky badass is pretty damn satisfying in fake Victorian London.

  • As I said for Dishonoured, being a sneaky badass is damn satisfying, this time it was on an Island in the Pacific somewhere.

  • Super fun game, if a tad derivative - although it does accomplish most things better than the games it derives from. Plus the PC port is really well done.

  • It's a lot like other Paradox Grand Strategy games, but the emphasis with this one is in character relations and Dynastic security. Really good game all round.


  • This year's other loot driven RPG thing. Really fun when played as a 4, and still fun solo. Also this game doesn't break my brain like the first game did.

  • I tried to play the Diablo 3 starter edition but was bored out my skull, but I am really enjoying this.

  • Super fun and addictive rougelike, spaceship commander simulator.

  • Accessible but deep Wargame centred around the Eastern Front of WW2.

  • Wonderful 3D platformer with heavy terrain deformation puzzles, neat art style, and a surprisingly decent 'indie' soundtrack.

  • A game I bought due to all the hype, and whilst it's cool, I never found myself really enjoying it that much; or at least, as much as I would have thought.

  • Really cool little tactical, action-RPG set in a post apocalyptic Sweden; really nice art-style and overall feel. Great game.

  • Cool little point and click (on EVERYTHING) game made by the guys who did Machinarium. Would be a perfect game to play with my son, if I had a son...

  • Essentially a more accessible version of Dwarf Fortress with graphics but less depth.

  • Even with the whole, nothing like the old JA games thing, I really enjoy this game. It's nice to sit there and plan out how I am gonna take out like 15 dudes with my 4 guys with handguns.

  • IT'S CALLED TRENCHED DAMN YOU GIANT BOMB. Game is pretty fun though when playing with buddies.

  • I bought this game after hearing everyone's reactions and how they claimed it made them feel awful, but in a good way. I think I see why they felt like this, but I didn't. The game is definitely worth the experience and to see the character's progress like they do. Third person shooters are one of my least favourite genre though.

  • Great experience and I really like what they tried to accomplish, but a lot of the writing choices were poor, and the game is a bug-ridden mess.

  • I like the concept of this game, but I was unable to play more than an hour of it due to the dreadful port 2k spewed out. It's such a shame.