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Games That I Really Want To See Happen

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  • I want two things:

    1. Crash Mania (seeing all the characters in Nitro Fueled made me want a mainline game with all of those characters in there)

    2. Crash Bandicoot RPG in the vein of Super Mario RPG

  • Spyro 4!!!

  • Cel Damage 2!!!

  • Three things:

    1. New Pipeworks style Godzilla game with all the kaiju

    2. ArcSys developed Godzilla fighter

    3. Godzilla RPG

  • We got DBZ: Kakarot and now we're getting that One Piece RPG, I want a big, open Yu Yu Hakusho RPG please.

  • Five things:

    1. Big open multi-planet exploration Kirbyvania (planet exploration like Milky Way Wishes/64, NPCs like Dreamland 3, Metroidvania structure like Amazing Mirror, Copy Essence Deluxe like Milky Way Wishes)

    2. Kirby RPG in the vein of Super Mario RPG

    3. Kirby Air Ride 2

    4. Kid Kirby

    5. Kirby and BoxBoy crossover

  • Remake in the style of Arise with all of the artes from Dawn of the New World, Tales of the Rays, and unused content added. Add in new party members (Yuan and Celes). Also a special prequel episode with Mithos as the protagonist.

  • Okami 2!!! (yeah, Okami game after the first and Okamiden)

  • Another Hades-style game based on different mythologies would be cool.

    Mythologies done in Hades-style: Norse, Egyptian, Hindu, Aztec, Biblical, Japanese, Chinese, Celtic, Slavic, Polynesian, Voodoo, Aboriginal

  • Modern Yugioh adventure RPG would be great!

  • BilliaRPG... (there's Lianhai Billiards Club coming out on Steam which might satisfy that desire, but we need more)

  • FFVI Remake like FFVII Remake... I have my own issues with FFVI (despite being one of my favorite SNES RPGs) that a remake like this could really resolve.

  • I want to see this idea be tried out with other stuff:

    1. Warner Bros. KH

    2. Nickelodeon KH

    3. Nintendo KH (no, NOT Smash, you know what I mean)

  • Sequel please!!!

  • Bloody Roar 5, but sadly the franchise is owned by Konami...

  • Either Spore 2 or some sort of advanced Spore remake, but we'll never get this because EA murdered Maxis games.

  • Stupid EA's nonsense caused this game to die as well and is pretty much inaccessible today.

  • With the Grandia HD collection on PC and Switch as well as JRPGs resurging in popularity, I wonder if Grandia can rise to glory again.

  • Sega, please stop focusing on MMOs and give us Phantasy Star V already!!!

  • Chrono Break... that is all.

  • These games should all be remade from the ground up in one big epic collection and then the story concluded with one final entry.

  • Tanks was the best part of this game, it really deserves its own fully-fledged game.

  • A true successor to Budokai 3 with the same Dragon Universe story mode format, and a much larger roster.

  • See: Yu Yu Hakusho, but give the treatment to Part 5. There was that Golden Wind game on the PS2 that was Japan only, now imagine an open Golden Wind RPG adventure.

  • Wario Land Odyssey... just imagine it. I personally do not care for Mario, but Wario has so much more character and the world portrayed in his games is soooo much more interesting.