Remembering Ryan as a secluded fan

I never met Ryan Davis. The only interaction on any level was him retweeting me once after they spoke about brokencyde on the Bombcast and him reminding me I owned one of their dumb albums. That was very small,but that felt like a sort of fulfillment of being on twitter in a lot of ways. Ryan always could bring a smile to my face whether it was through listening to 3 hours of the podcast or the insanity of TNT and Unprofessional Friday’s. No matter what he did,he always brought the biggest smile to my face. Giant Bomb has been the light shining through the darkness for me for the past year and a half and helped me through more than I’d care to mention. No one can ever truly replace Ryan in any way. His contagious laughter and constant positivity always made you look forward to anything on the site with him in it. We all knew Ryan in some way and he brought joy to all of our lives. He will never ever be forgotten. No one ever has made me want to engage with and be apart of a community than him. His death has made me regret that and I hope follow through and start engaging more now with everyone on this incredible site. Thanks for everything Ryan; summerjams will be played all day and night in honor for you sir.