Blog #23 - Vivi Art, Dead Space 2 and LOTR Online

So, I've been posting a lot of art blogs lately. Doing this daily design challenge is... exhausting some days. I have a lot of other stuff to do but I don't want to miss my daily design so I put it off and then have to go back to it. I've been playing through Final Fantasy IX again and loving it. Wish I had more time to spend playing it but that's life.  
Watching the Dead Space 2 live quicklook just now got me so excited. I even read the text review, which I haven't done in so long. I have no money though. It's a real pain. I also downloaded Lord of the Rings Online as a couple of my friends started playing it and... yeah, I can see why most MMOs have to go free to play. There's just nothing engaging about the experience at all. Everything is so passive.
Anyway, today is Vivi from Final Fantasy IX. As always feedback and comments are welcome. 
View High Res version here... 


Blog #22 - Ghost Trick Art, PCs and Dino Crisis

So, been a couple of weeks since my last blog. My PC blew up last week... which was a pain. Thanks to the wonderful members of the giant bomb community I was able to identify the problem, test it and fix it by replacing the part. I've also started playing Dino Crisis again. I got too scared when I was a kid to play much of it. Now that I am an adult, I can still feel the tension. Maybe it's the poor controls and fixed camera angles, but it definitely holds up I'd say. 

Anyway, I've been keeping up with my design a day challenge which you can view here. In the past few days I did some ghost trick art. I drew them first then brought scans in to photoshop to make them in to full illustrations. My drawings suck, so here are the illustrations. 

Sessil - Ghost Trick 
Sessil - Ghost Trick 

Lynne - Ghost Trick 
Lynne - Ghost Trick 
I think my Lynne turned out better, but I enjoyed doing them both. I love Phoenix Wright and the characters in Ghost Trick seem amazing. 
Edit: Here are the drawings. 

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

Blog #21 - Videogame Ties, Part Deux!

So, Day #010 of my design challenge. Haven't missed a day yet and have been keeping up with my blog (and I post them on Facebook). Today I had another crack at videogame ties. Not necessarily for fashion but just as references to games or ties that represent characters. I think these are better than the first lot I made. 
Here are the first set.
Can you guess the characters or games?

As always, comments are welcome. 
Also, as a bonus here is my Day #007 design, a Tetris Disaster. 

Blog #20 - Videogame Ties, for the Virtual Gent

So it's Day #004 for my design a day challenge and I ended up making a batch of ties that videogame characters might wear. 

Can you guess which ones? 
The first one is free because he really does wear that tie. It's honestly quite easy but I might as well make a game out of it as it looks better without putting the names on there.

 As always feedback and comments are welcome. Love to hear what you guys think.

Blog#19 - A Gameboy New Year

So it's Day #002 of my design challenge and I somehow made this one videogame related too. I wanted to recreate the look and feel of an original gameboy screen and then put in a little christmas/new year message. 

No Caption Provided
I wanted to capture the feel of that dirty, grimy plastic (more of a memory, less that brand new gameboys were sold dirty). I think I did OK. Doesn't look at cool as yesterday but I've got over 300 more of these things to do. As always, comments and feedback are welcome.

Blog #18 - A Year In Design, with Vault Boy

So... it's a new year. I don't much believe in New Years resolutions. I did however decide that it would be a good time to challenge myself. My confidence in my design abilities is pathetic at best and I need to be able to generate more pieces. My portfolio is surprisingly empty. I need to do something that gets me feeling creative each day and doing something so that I can improve. I want and need to be better at my 'job'.
For the next year I will be designing one thing every day and writing a blog about it. Not much writing but generally posting the image and then talking a little bit about it. But not here. You guys don't want to have to get a blog from me a day. I will however post here when they are game related such as Day #001, a vault boy poster. First thing that came to mind when I woke up so I went with it. 

VAULT-TEC, Reserve Yours Today! 
VAULT-TEC, Reserve Yours Today! 
I will probably do some more phoenix wright illustrations, as I have already done a few (check my previous blogs for those). Please leave feedback, I enjoy reading it. Let's hope I can actually do this. It's going to be tough. 
Blog #001 - Vault Boy

Blog #17 - Christmas Gaming Goodies

So it's Christmas, and it's time's like this that I am reminded that I am surrounded by wonderful people. 
First of all, my mum saw some Plants vs Zombies models on the internet but they were very expensive. She decided instead to make some herself and give them to me as a Christmas present. She obviously put a lot of work in to them and it is such a sweet gift. I love it.

No Caption Provided
Before that though, early this morning two of my friends Ben and his girlfriend Nina popped over to drop off their present. It was a sackboy knitted by Nina's mum. Such a wonderful gift. Very well made. I can't believe I have friends like this. 

No Caption Provided
I also got a Solid State Drive and some other bits but these were the highlights. Already a good day. :)